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The kids are standing around a fire in a barrel, rubbing their hands. Gosh, I hope Daddy Norman drops by to pass out tins of hot beans-&-franks -- it's getting cold out there!

Some recent random lowlights:

- A Reuters photo twists Kathryn Lopez's voluminous
panties into a bind.

Ahh, sweet, sweet Liberal Media...

- Andy McCarthy is clearly unaware that those were not wily red Chinee or their rascally, inscrutable sympathizers who piloted jet planes into the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. Oops.

- Jonah, in a moment of stunning candor, admits that his (and, he suspects, fellow Cornerite Ramesh's) stand on abortion
has no real intellectual or moral ballast. In a roundabout way, of course.

A telling quote:

...Is it -- and I suspect this is the closest to the real answer -- because huge majorities of Americans just detest the idea that women should have to have children from rape and incest?

Odd how it never occurs to him that "huge majorities of Americans" (interesting construct, but okay...) oppose women being forced into childbirth, period.

- Stanley Kurtz, be not is he that Bizarro World Cassandra,
continues to warn us that gay marriage today means polygamy tomorrow, so we'd better batten down the hatches of the SS Mythical Nuclear Family right now (tantalizingly leaving out any practical suggestions for how this should be done).


You've gotta love it. Ramesh and Sully play cobra and mongoose. Debbie Schlussel and the Idiot Rottweiler are on the same run of penicillin (stupid libertarian -- should've used a rubber!) Congressional Republicans, eyes on the polls, are pulling the rug out from under Bush every chance they get.

The conservative movement is falling apart at the seams, and not even
Rod Dreher's gingham-bedecked ball-&-chain will run it through her pedal-powered sewing machine, because Jonah's been such a jerk.

We've been living in interesting times for a while now. It's nice to see that the independerepubliconservatarians have finally deigned to join us.

P.S. Just so we're clear, stuff like the Dubai Ports deal and concrete sentences for womb-baby killers is not separating the nutballs from the principled Republicans -- it's all chaff here, folks. These internal disputes are merely separating the wild-eyed conservatarian Bush-worshippers from the erstwhile wild-eyed conservatarian Bush-worshippers who, in this brave new election cycle are realizing that jumping ship is the only way to save what's left.

P.P.S. If you
give to my library Jesus will give you an all-access pass to heaven.

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Comments for Doo-wopping At The Corner
Auntie Christ gave me that pass a long time a go.

Beware. Satan is devious. He can frequently be seen in Jesus drag.

Why does Cheney look so creepy in every single damned photograph they take of him?

Oh yeah. Because he is creepy.

so wait a minute: if i donate, and it turns out that there is a god when i die, and there's a heaven after all, donating to yer library will get me out of my bus driving shift to hell?

panties are forbidden.

I was so going to post that pic! But, once again, your brain numbing intelligence beat me to it. You and fatrobot, I swear!Anyway...

I got an email from Cindy Sheehan

Skip down below the K-Lo post and it'll take you to the Pantload on this quiz by Michael Tomasky. Pantload claims he got 19 out of 20 on the quiz, which I find highly suspicious. The quiz itself, which Tomasky claims should be a breeze for the politically aware, looks to me like a bunch of shit Tomasky happens to know. I got like 5 out of 20, so I guess I'm just stupid.

pnnark: PNAC's new snitch project?

PR: that's correct. But I thought you said you and the missus have stuff already that you could just send me? 'Cuz that would do in lieu of buying something from Amazon...

blog ho: even the crotchless kind?

elmo: fatrobot is the god of us all.

ap: guess you should have taken that fellowship with AEI. Don't worry - Jonah's already picking up the pieces of his fat head after tonights Battlestar Galactica. He's got other things to worry about.

K-Lo is fat = barrel full of fish + shotgun.

But hey, sometimes the low hanging fruit is the sweetest.

Not to suggest K-Lo is sweet, but her fruit it do hang low. Damn near breaks the tree.

See? Too easy. But fun anyway.

I'll leave K-Lo's huge swollen cherry to the experts.

I saw that quiz that AssParrot is talking about. No f***ing way Jonah gets 19/20, unless Tomasky's quiz was from some weird winger driver's ed type class where they teach the book, i.e. the class goes over 22 things, no context, 20 are on the test.

I don't believe in Jesus or heaven. What will I get for donating to the "free" library besides a reciept for my taxes?

way ot, but i'm holding you personally responsible - just because - for that abortion scifi showed last night. you know which one.

There's a lot of freedom hatin' in that library.

And if you had a child raised by three loving parents (Mom, Dad, and swinging pool boy), isn't that still better than being raised by two shitty parents? I mean, I was raised by wolves and yet you would never know, except when I groom myself.

Apparently, I was raised by rocks and everyone knows.

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