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Ore : 4:25 PM

Several random items:

- I'll bet that guy from Stellastarr* is totally hung. I'd do him, but only if I can be sure he doesn't sound like that in bed.

- If Kasabian know they're a joke, does that make them even more insufferably irritating? Or less? I have a hard time deciding.

- The Futureheads are the new Devo.

- Who told that Pollard guy that his Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft song was a good idea? Who told him it was "cool," that it "rocked"? Whoever it is needs to get fucked hard with a big prickly-pear cactus. Or is he just a Wiccan, or a really big Charmed fan? In any event, may Jesus and Ganesha have mercy on our inadequate souls.

- The National's Mr. November is a lovely song.

- I don't care what anyone says, you just know that Arab Strap stole their name from the title of the coolest Belle & Sebastian albums ever -- but only after they found out that it was an olde thymie "marital aid." Cobgraters almost as dorky as Nine Black Alps.

- Have I mentioned yet that I can totally see myself dating Tom Vek?

Okay, that's all for now.

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From now on I want to be known as the artist fomerly known as Gregor Samsa*


teh, The Boy with The Arab Strap is named after the Boy from/with the Arab Strap. It's about the guy in the band! The band already existed before the album. Also, Kasabian are a joke, but they are allowed to soundtrack your predatory cruising of TUSTOSAN

Oh PP you'd repeat anything you read in Pitchfork -- prevaricator!!! I do not believe you.

PP, play with fire and you get BURNED!!

I'm with PP on this one... Arab Strap predates the Boy with the Arab Strap song.

What pisses me off about Kasabian is that some in the music press have the audactiy to put their name in the same sentence as the Happy Mondays and Primal Scream. Cocksuckers!

Ach. Okay, fine, whatever. But I'm not changin it. Can't make me. Call a blogger ethics panel.

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