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* It is not a "Terrorist Monitoring Program" (yet another misnomer created by the Bush administration and uncritically regurgitated by the media) as it primarily monitors American citizens innocent of any wrongdoing. Whether or not the records are subsequently destroyed, and whether or not Specter's reprehensible "free-pass" legislation is adopted, are issues beside the point: at the end of the day, there are men and women sequestered away in some dark room who, without any judicial or congressional oversight, are reading Americans' e-mails and listening in on Americans' phone calls.

* "Libs" are not "
upset about" this. I would venture to say, if I may dare speak for my fractious fellow left-wingers, that we are pretty much just shrugging our shoulders. We honestly have no idea why capturing our 200th "#2" is such a big deal. Furthermore, Bush did not in fact personally wrestle this aide to the ground and singlehandedly wrest from him his Treo. I'm pretty sure soldiers did that -- you know, guys who are in the armed forces in part because their physical coordination is good enough that they don't fall off of bikes.

* Jonah's
recent attempt to cast fascism as a product of liberalism is even more idiotic and incomprehensible than Ann Coulter's attempt to resuscitate the legacy of Joe "Golly-Gee That Malmedy Massacre Was Somethin' Tho'" McCarthy. Maybe in 10 or 15 years he could have pulled it off, but there are still people alive from that time. Neither they nor I need to write a book (!) to point out that the rise of National Socialism in Germany was not an extension or a continuation of the Weimar "renaissance" so much as it was, in part and in fact, a repudiation of it -- certainly, on this side of the Atlantic, those were not my political antecedents who in public merely opposed fighting Hitler, while in private hoisted frothing steins at Bund parties.

* Unitary Executive = "
And sometimes you have to go above the written law" = "It's not illegal if the president does it" = "L'etat, c'est moi". It's all the same, and just because it chuckles and flashes shit-eating grins and pats you on the back and gives you a cutesy nickname and loves mom and apple pie and waves the flag and bears the cross does not mean it is not royalism or fascism.

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OK, if fascism is no longer part of the far right wing, and is now considered far left wing, does communism now jump from the far left wing to be now considered far right wing? when did the rolls reverse? Do I have to read Jonah's book to find out? If so I'll just stay ignorant.

one day someone will beat the living shit out of jonah goldberg. and i will buy that dude dinner.

elmo: Well... A huge component of the neo-conservative movement does seem to be Trotskyist in execution, but no: I'm pretty sure we can just chalk this one up to Jonah being his usuall full-of-shit-and-Ding Dongs self.

pr: If I could go back in time and get a medical license in order to perform a hysterectomy on Lucianne, I would...

Pop Ren, let me say this. I'll go to jail for that dinner. I'll stand in front of him and say, 'Hey, have you ever even read a history textbook, jackass?' Then he'll say some doughy pantload of dingdong laden excrement and I'll proceed with the mother of all beat downs. And that is one mother who isn't having an abortion. I will go full term on his ass. Then I'll get real mean and let loose my giant whale dominator who will make JG his bitch. JG will be sucking down whale jizzum until the wahel is bored. At which point, I will shove some Viagra down his gullet and look him in a room with a horny female porcupine.

ittgknpz: The sound of JG sodomizing his dead pets.

This comment got a little weird, didn't it?

Yes, chuckles, yes it did.

So it has been a rough day. Meh. I was up to 330 AM due to a truly outrageous cup of coffee I had at 5 PM. I thought it was 3. I may be a genius, but I haven't quite mastered time travel yet. The technique I hope to master someday involves subjective and objective realities. Some people might cite Berkeley as a direct counter to my methods of time travel/universal travel, but I don't believe in God and there is no evidence that there is a direct perceiver, but there are the apparent laws of the universe like the Speed of Light and the Speed of Electrons to consider. Dammit, this comment veered off into crazy land, too. I guess I have to make a post about it.

yxfrd: The new model of Ford Crapola.

chuckles, was that coffee or "coffee"?

also, jonah goldberg cannot be beaten down. he will transform(further) into a puddle of dough that inelastically absorbs all your exertion and intelligence and makes you weep bloody tears of regret that you took on such a deep well of stupidity and ignorance

ddqyrx: what chuckles put in his "coffee"

Gimme my shit! I need it to take the edge off the lgiht that burns my skull from the inside out! OH GOD HOW IT BURNS!

agufuhu: All that's left of JG after my sodomistic whale has his way.

Cute new photo.

(Sorry. It's too early for me to talk politics and philosophy but I love you just the same.)

PR: You'd buy him dinner for other reasons, you dirty boy. :)

JG is so off mark, it's a wonder he has anyone who can actually take him serious. Does he himself even for one moment consider how much of a stupid jackass he is?

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