A Breather

Ore : 7:13 PM

So Jonah has yet to satisfy me. Oh well, just one more thing I have in common with his wife.

This one goes out to
Troy, over at RoD, who really needs good vibes right now -- go blow him some kissez, minions.

In fact, why don't we all just sit back and enjoy the ministrations of a real man:

Ahhh, Tony. So refreshing it hurts.

Besides, we've had way too much T&A around Freedom Camp lately, and you know how we prefer the cellblock love.

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Comments for A Breather
Thanks...now where's the pr0n? I've got plenty of time to whack off now.

Alas, I would have sent you more, but yahoo's been giving me grief uploading photos. I'll figure something out shortly...

In the meantime, why don't you chow down on this (NSFW*)?

* Oh, I can see how that read like a bad joke. Sorry.

Please don't stop the T&A or I'll be forced to "pull a Cheney on you".

Do you really think that dude doesn't notice that his package is just hanging out there in the breeze? Is that possible?

I think he's proud of it. I wish I could ask him, and then see if he'll let me have a closer look...

Pride I understand!

I kind of miss the T and A. Very sweet post, especially on the eyes.

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