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* When will to "pull a Cheney" enter our lexicon as a euphemism for ejaculating in your partner's face?

* Republican ad-lib alert: Okay guys, replace in
this headline, "Gonzales won't step aside in Abramoff case," every instance of "Gonzales" with "Reno," and every instance of "Abramoff" with any Clinton scandal you can think of (I trust you guys to be able to come up with volumes), and see how it sits with you.

* Git 'r dun!  HOO-EEY!!!Were phrenology not a dead, discredited science, I'd diagnose this as the face of a closet lynching fan. Seriously, he may be from Ohio, but this is exactly the kind of smarmy, self-satisfied, pious, hard Uncle Charlie face that gives little Southern black children nightmares.

Ooh, yeah, I know, call a blogger ethics panel.

* Can republiconservatarians please at least be consistent in their dune coon-bashing? Upon Dhimmi al Gore's treasonous speech to a pack of camel jockeys, howling outrage; upon our Republican-controlled government's turning over our port security to an
UAE state-owned company, nada. What gives? (RedStaters and LGFers, I'm lookin' at you in particular.)

* Glenn, you've made a
much-needed point definitively and with aplomb. Anyway, as someone may have told you in your comments (I haven't looked), there's a reason we call him Captain Quarterbrain.

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Comments for Lay-Z Friday Musings
We've got a post on the port security thing at my place. Outfuckingrageous.

Damn it where is Kenneth Starr when we need him?

Kenn Star is pulling a Cheney on the Starr Report.

That is freaking brilliant.

If it's "pullin a Cheney" when you pull out early, what's it called when you swallow? A Malkin?

Actually, Elmo, causing the "giver" to gag should be defined as a Malkin. Very popular with the kidz these days.

elmo: No, I'm pretty sure that's called a Glenn Reynolds -- he'll swallow *anything*.

ron: Just because the kidz don't punch you, doesn't mean you should think it's popular ;).

This is too funny. Great post and comments.

'Pulling a Cheney'

Reminds me of 'santorum.'

Kidz punch me.

Does that mean I am popular?

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