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This is just sad. If King Gyanendra and his monarchist supporters want to really undercut the Maoist rebels, they must refrain from squeezing so hard. I hate to side with a Bush administration official, but they really do need to relinquish more power, engage in dialogue with all interested parties, and perhaps even invite consultation and aid from India and other democratic nations. It's counterintuitive, I know, but (and I write the following fully aware of how nasty and violent the insurgents have been), the longer he responds only with iron-fisted brute force, the more doors will close for the Nepalese people, until their only two options become either a despotic autocracy, or a Maoist state that's essentially a puppet of the PRC (ie, Tibet revisited, but without the world's sympathy-eliciting element of the Dalai Lama and his court -- Nepal might get Bono to caterwaul on her behalf, but the Beastie Boys could be otherwise engaged).

Gyanendra has made lots of noise in the past about submitting to free and open elections, but he seems to have done too much that would preclude their taking place. Past interviews certainly led me to believe he comprehends the importance of democratic reform, and the legitimacy that only such processes can bestow. But then, maybe none of us truly know him; maybe he's merely using the insurgency as an excuse to consolidate his power. I hope the latter is not the case. And if it truly isn't, he needs to be strong and brave enough to offer more than lip-service, or the insurgents will win by succeeding in turning the country of Nepal against itself, ultimately leading to the destabilization of the whole region.

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Hey, I want to be The King of Nepal! Who is this Gyanderah or whatever dude? I'm quite certain I'm the long lost King of Nepal and he's just an imposter. Strange situation there. Didn't know anything about it until reading the NYT yesterday. More Wild West in the East.

Ignorant imperialist amerikkkan!!!


Seriously, he keeps making noises and taking certain, watery steps to lead others to believe he'd be more of a King Hussein, but lately he's done stuff that puts him at risk as being perceived more as a Vlad the Impaler... He needs to loosen his grip a bit if he wishes to prevail.

I was listening to the start of this crap in February on NPR. Gyanendra sounds like he has been listening to the US. The US that GWB knows, not the US that the Dept of State tries to describe to the world.

Hasn't King Gyanendra seen Star Wars? Even Princess Leia knew that the more Grand Muff Diver Tarkin tightened his grip, the more star systems slipped through his fingers!

ciwdkoow: Chewie's first name.


#1: Quite possibly. Then again, he may believe that the only way to save his people from rebel violence is the same way that will undercut democratic reform. I've been following him for quite a while, and I can't shake wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt.

To a point at least; we may have reached that point, alas.

#2: Exactly. I forgot about that one; thanks Jonah G.!

Oh, and I'm pretty sure Tarkin was no muff diver, but rather, a polesmoker. Way gay.

Him and James Whale. What an awesome movie that was. Gods and Monsters, not the other.

I haven't been able to listen to NPR for a while now. I really should organize my weekends better so i can listen to This American Life and the news.

This American Life: Only if David Sedaris is on.

i have been there and i can tell you that the nepalis hate the king 100% and the maoists 99%.

in truth they wish they would both f*ck off

Fair enough. He's been steadily descending into rank assholism for years. And I honestly don't see what the rebels hope to accomplish by mass murder -- especially now that, in recent years, they've been hitting Kathmandu and other urban areas. They've lost any sliver of a hope for sympathy that they might once have had.

What's the solution?

Kill them all and let god sort them out, teacher?

"What's the solution?"


wait - what were we talking about?

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