Never Send A Yes-Man...

Ore : 7:37 AM

...To do a true-believer's job.

The headline reads, "
Senators Have Tough Questions for Gonzales," which is nice and all, but I wonder if they'll also get around to asking him why he committed perjury during his confirmation hearing.

Anyway, if you read the article closely, you'll see that his treatment won't be as brutal as all that. This part is particularly choice -- very "Dick & George Visit The 9/11 Commission":

Specter, the Judiciary Committee chairman, said Monday that Gonzales would not be sworn in before giving testimony. Democrats on the committee disagreed with the chairman's decision.

See, a greater degree of stringency would crush Gonzales like a Fabergé egg under an elephant's foot. The problem with Alberto is that he's too fragile, and one of these days he will crack. Why? Because he's not a dyed-in-the-wool, think tank-bred, conservatarian kool-ade drinker, but rather a mere sycophant. His loyalties are to Bush, and not to any "cause" -- in other words, he's no Perle, he's no Wolfowitz. He's really more of a Mike Brown.

All we need is a Senate that knows how to squeeze. Vote Democrat in '06.

He'll give it up for a pack of smokes
Soft like a Sing Sing honey
UPDATE: Glenn, who should really be in the blogroll, is where it's at.

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Comments for Never Send A Yes-Man...
Hey, can I lift that picture of Gonzo and put it on my fridge?

Tough questions. Hilarious.

New York Dolls fan AND Care Bears? You must be a wonder to behold. :)

Help yourself lily!

"New York Dolls fan AND Care Bears? You must be a wonder to behold."

I truly am; just ask these guys.

I magine a fabulous, mysterious lumberjack sheathed in a cloud of smoke on a quest FJTC. That is the wonder of teh. It is almost unbeholdable. I mean you can try.

Ok I checked it out- a banner contest eh?? I have gone through nineteen banners in my few months of blogging(ask Lew Scannon, my blogmate) so I have some worthless wisdom to impart. Did you enter this? :)

That is a BIG mutha#$%^ing burger, dude.

Everyone loves Cares Bears, especially the green one with the Shamrock.


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That comment from fatrobot looks kind of ominous...

fatrobot is the dashing hero of the resistance.

Lol.. Pecker wood :)

But in this case fatrobot has done bad. Clearly he fashioned the alien from sculpey and planted it for the purpose of covering up the Air Force's more nefarious activities.

Bad fatrobot bad!!!

fatrobot and wayne newton have never been seen at the same place, at the same time.

coincidence? i think not.

Hold up. Not sworn in? That's it. I give up. This is ridiculous.

I think that if we strike "national security" from the nation's lexicon, these hosers won't be able to get away with as much. "National security" is their blanket excuse, and they shouldn't be allowed to use it.

Blogger ate my comment!

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