School Bus... Of DEATH!!!

Ore : 8:56 AM

Hey, Otto, I had no idea you were a Republican...

(Word to DailyRotten)

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Comments for School Bus... Of DEATH!!!
I'm innocent of all charges. You know my motto: "Fifteen accidents and not a single fatality."

First rule of the school bus . . . nobody talks about the school bus.

Yeah, Otto's too laid-back... Maybe we should be checkin' out the bus driver from South Park.

Actually, it's someone who's obsessed with Star Wars and getting other people to fight. Sounds like Jonah Goldberg, a.k.a. el carga pastosa en los pantalones.

JG is on my coffee cup from Teh 3V1L 3MP1R3 and I like how he bitches about cliches and then ends his paragraph with one. Although, I do have to agree with the statement that violence has solved pretty much everything in the past. However, it doesn't have to in the future, which is not something JG said.

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