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Ore : 1:37 PM

I haven't done this in a while, and I probably won't again for a goodly spell, but I'll give you half of the usual, as I have to head over to the thrift store (cute dead grandpa shirts -- hooray!!!):

Okkervil River, So Come Back, I Am Waiting: Soulful, which is not an adjective one normally applies to any midwestern white boy band. Fresh-sounding. Me likey. 8/10

Postal Service, Brand New Colony: So there's this person you're so in like with that you want to convince them to turn their back on the scene and move out to the suburbs with you. But they see you as being as dorky as your little fantasy. Ah, well. Purty song, anyhow. 6/10

Lovedrug, Blackout: Easy, convenient chorus, almost-empty-gas-tank bass that's been done a million times before. Michael Shepard's affected, mouthful-of-spittle, snot-nosed naif whine makes me want to fuck his bony little ass until he splits in half. 4/10 (those points awarded more for Shepard's
doability than artistic merit).

Son Volt, Lookin' At The World Through A Windshield: Cute little alt-country/honky tonk throwdown. They don't make them like this often enough any more. 5/10

Bright Eyes, Lover I Don't Have To Love: Dipping into Afghan Whigs territory, but Oberst doesn't do rakish misanthropy as well. Much better at mopey. 6/10

OKAY, twist my arm, one more:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood: Alec Ounsworth's voice is less grating than in the last single, but still working the strung-out, glazed eye, barely-hanging-on vibe. People say Byrne, but I don't see it. Incantatory, a-mite-too-serious pop, shades of Arcade Fire -- all-in-all, not bad. 7/10

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Comments for Truncated Friday Sirius Blogging
for some reason, for the past couple of weeks i've been listening to nothing but 80s music. which is not a complaint.

When will Smashmouth get the love it deserves?

Okkervil River I think is very good. Unlike te l4m3 and his hateful words

I think I heard Smashmouth singing a jingle for Travelodge the other day...

pop: Lita Ford needs love, too.

chuckles: When hell freezes over.

PP: Aw, did I make you mad? Which sacred cow did I knife this time?

mr: I think I caught the lead singer filling the deep-fry vats through the check-out window at McDonalds.

I'm firmly in the sounds-like-Byrne camp.

I love that band. I wish I knew how to quit them.

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