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A true Freedom Camp! post should not start without a nod to hotties of the past:

This man kept my eyes glued to the screen for the entire length of Topkapi. I was not an easily distracted child.

(Yes, fellow MST3Kers, I know, I know he was in that execrable German Public TV version of Hamlet, but so the hell what?)


Who says there's no such thing as good teevee? Masterpiece Theatre's most recent adaptation of Bleak House has been exceptionally gripping -- a sharp and muscular interpretation of one of Dickens's more entertaining (IMHO) works. High point for me: Gillian Anderson's arresting performance as Lady Dedlock alternately sparkles like Venetian glass and gleams like dressed white marble.


"We should be partners."
"As long as I'm the one giving orders."
"Now, we're under a flag of truce, remember?"

The above is always how I've imagined the exchange between corporatist conservatarians and the American Taliban when they do their dirty back-room deals for the sake of political expedience -- like a couple of campy crooks deciding how best to use each other to secure power.


Only you could make even an Arnie/Conan movie fabulous. Come back to us! You were the best thing that ever happened to shitty 80s movies -- indeed, to that entire benighted decade. Where art thou, Miz Grace Jones?

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Wow. Max has one helluva sexy cleft chin.

I know. Interesting tidbit: his son is a DKos member.

He was cool in The Black Hole.

The disney movie, you sickos.

You were the one thinking about black holes. You're the sicko.

Shouldn't we all be thinking about black holes? After all, that's where we're all going to end up one day.

ltwgbsa - German for Disney

Bleak House is my fave Dickens- and the TV has been excellent. Smallweed wass great, although he should have been more shrivelled.

fulsome: no, no. Our sun is a dwarf lacking the mass to end up as a black hole. We'll end up swallowed in its red giant phase, for sure. Then it will go nova.

PP: there you polesmoking are!

fulsome is referring to the even grander scheme of time in that the universe may all end by being swallowed by black holes. I was reading in a SciAm from last year that the universe may be a bit older than previously thought, much like SeanS's mother. Apparently, it is larger than it should be for it's age, again, much like SeanS's mother.

uswfj: How is this related to SeanS' mother?

Execrable? I beg to differ sir.

The Mel Gibson "Hamlet" was far worse, for obvious Mel-related reasons.

Saying something is better than a Mel Gibson production isn't really saying much, now is it? It was, after all, on MST3K...

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