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TMI moment: So I go to one of my favorite whack-off sites the other day, and it's unavailable. Now all the updates are behind a password (goddammit); they didn't used to be. Then, I see this story at Dailyrotten. So I go to to confirm a little detail. I get a 403.

Am I connecting dots that have no business being connected? Damn you, "don't ask, don't tell" -- damn you, Clenis!!!

Has Encyclopedia Browneye cracked the case?

Ah well, I'll always have
Aiden Shaw...

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Comments for For My Fellow Foul Fags
Oh, Aiden... excellent. Descent is perpetually in my VCR...

Yeah, I wouldn't kick him out of my bed. Or my rectum, for that matter...

Don't ask, don't tell has to go. If the allegations about soldiers making gay porn are true, they will get kicked out of the Army. It would be the same case if they were making straight porn movies. The Army kicked out some females who posed for Playboy a few years back.

Yeah, I'd always wondered about that: this huge gay porno site that was supposed to exclusively feature military men. I mean, if this was really truth in advertising, at some point, the MPs would catch up with them, no?

I'm surprised that more of my military friends haven't been kicked out. If the military were just to go and get up on or go to the bars on a weekend...

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