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Wow. So I've been keeping up this charade for a whole year. I only started this to protest the nomination of Gonzales to AG (yeah, yeah, I know), thereby earning myself a free CD, which, no offense guys, kinda sucked.

And here we are, a year later, and Torqualito is about to be confirmed to the Supreme court. Good show, guys!!!

Song of the Year: The Joggers, Wicked Light Sleeper. Too cool for words, especially if you reimagine it with Debbie Harry on lead vocals.

Wingnut of the Year: Michelle Malkin, for defending the indefensible, for always getting it wrong and never bothering with proper retractions, and for being just an all around unhinged racist bitch. From the outtakes (ie comments section) of the noir classic, Assful of Secrets:

"This drew the attention of a smoking South Pacific dame with lips like hot adobo, legs that could topple a log cabin, and a yen for internment."

Dog of the Year: Sparky the Wonder Dog.

Commenter of the Year: Oh, you're all my favorites. You couldn't ask me to pick!

Well, you could, but I can tell you to stuff it. 'Cos it's my blog, see?

Movie of the Year:
Trapped In The Closet. But I would like it -- I also enjoy urinating on underage girls.

Smell of the Year: The way the plastic casing of a brand-new Brother copy machine/printer/scanner smells when it first comes out of the box.

Grooming Product of the Year: Crest Cinnamon Rush toothpaste.

Journalist of the Year: Tie between Sy Hersh and Christiane Amanpour.

Journamalist of the Year:

Blogger of the Year:
Jane Hamsher. Bitch.

Defining Quote of the Year: "And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them." ~ Agrippina Bush

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Comments for Blow Me Candle Out
A year? You are a real blogger today, in it for the long hall. Congrats!

Favorite corruption scandal of the year would have been good too, with many contenders.

Yeah, I couldn't pick one, and it was too depressing to think about all of them today.




Is that your dog? He's adorable. time!

Chuckles, you shouldn't mock.

madame: Sparky's actually a "she," and thank you. She is rather cute. Dumb as a fencepost, but loving.

Fwiends, Womans, Countwymen,
lend me you eaws.
I came not to mock teh l4m3,
but to honor him.

rgezo: Ron Jeremy anyone?

One whole year? I don't know whether to issue congratulations, offer condolences, or-- never mind, I'm just glad you're here, Teh.

On a tangentially related note, the Devil can have Maglalang, as long as God lets us keep hotties like Jane Hamsher.

Alternate grooming product of the year: Is that hair gel?

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