Diane Alexis Whipple

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January 26, 2001

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Comments for Diane Alexis Whipple
Truly a tragedy.

A life too soon and too fast.

Very sad.

What I always thought was super fucked up was that, in order to file a wrongful death suit, her girlfriend had to adopt her and do so as her mother.

You know, Prop. 22 and sanctity of marriage and all that.

This is the first time I've ever seen a picture of her. She was beautiful. Is the 5th anniversary of her death getting coverage in the SF media?

Some. I think it's getting more coverage in the gay media.

I followed the link but I don't know anythign about this person. I don't have a whole lot of time at work to read the interweb. What happened?

chuckles: she was on her way home one night and she was mauled to death by her neighbors' presa canarios. It was a pretty outrageous case -- esp. on the defense side, the defendants being freak-shows, lawyers who had adopted the Aryan Brotherhood convict from whom they'd first got the dogs, who had taken naked pics with the dogs, and who had right away went to the press blaming Whipple for her attack, saying she was wearing pheremone based perfume or had taken steroids or something. Real class acts.

Anyway, it was crazy.

Christ, it's been five years?

Those people were insane. There's a special circle in hell for them, one populated entirely with cats.

I had almost forgotten the details, has it been 5 years? thanks.

taking dogs LIKE THOSE out in public is just like waving a loaded gun. Exactly like it.

I say this as the owner of a LARGE dog. Granted, mine is named 'happy', and not 'hippie eater' or something.

Damn, it's been a while since I lived in SF. The only detail that's stuck with me is that the convict for whom the freakish lawyer couple was keeping the dogs is named, no kidding, "Cornfed." I think one of the dogs was named "Bane."


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