Hunting the Homeless

Ore : 5:20 PM

I'm as skeptical as the next media-weary American when some reporter outlines this or that "dangerous new trend." I mean, they're lazy bobbleheads for the most part. They're certainly not, as a rule, staticians.

But say for the sake of argument that there is in fact a trend towards beating the homeless for sport. My question is this: who will be the first conservatard to try and justify it? Or, barring that, to minimize instances of it.

Place your bets. My money's on John Stossel.

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Comments for Hunting the Homeless
No, Stossel will blame the lack of free market invisble hand BS for somehow forcing those people to beat the homeless. Or something like, the homeless should be completely obliterated by a true free market therefore there shouldn't have been anyone for those poor boys to beat.

I wonder if John has a lip under that mustache? He looks like a 'just for men' hair dye spokesman.

The possibilities are endless with those cobagchumpwads.

PP: good point. Grover Norquist? Or maybe some "boys will be boys" drivel from Malkin or Coulter?

Prediction: Whoever makes the assertion first will be linked by Instapundit with a "Read the Whole Thing, heh-indeedy".

my money's on coulter or horowitz, with the requisite vomitorium about liberal colleges.

Cheney is going to give these kids jobs in the new Federal Pension Plan. They will stand behind the door as the elderly walk in to file a claim. The beating will commence as soon as the door is closed.

Good calls all.

The Coulter/Malkin crowd won't touch it because them they would have to admit homelessness exists in this country.

Geraldo is schleppy and self-righteous enough to tackle it but he'll have to Fox News it up.

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