Starbucks No Go Boom II

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So, much as I suspected, it was just a lone crank. I mean, anti-Starbucks anarchists/greenies/leftists don't engage in violent or potentially lethal behavior. They just don't. There's no history of it. Righties would pick a Planned Parenthood or a mosque or a synagogue or a GLBT center or some other locus of the culture war. It's too obscure, random, and tiny for any sort of foreign/al Qaeda/anti-American job.

Looks like no one gets to claim this one as an ideological platform. You know, unless one is

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I wish her yapper bone was unhinged so she couldn't talk any more.

Oooh, gregor, eliminationist rhetoric! I'm telllling. I'm telling Cathy Young!!!

There were Starbucks location(s) in Seattle that got nailed during the protests there a few years ago... my friend Joel ( was living there at the time. (I had just left.)

Yeah, but unless the "nailed" part involves actual bombs, there's really no "there" there, you know? It's like this whole (infuriating) "eco-terrorist" thing; tagging an SUV does not equal, say, firebombing a mosque or spraying an abortion clinic with automatic gunfire.

I'm not saying it's right, of course -- I hate Starbucks, but instead of doing shitty things to them, I just drink Peet's. I'm just saying it ain't the same thing.

Also, in the sitch you mention, it's my understanding that the Starbucks were incidental targets -- their windows broken and what-not in the course of rowdier actions by some of the protestors.

upjalm: too good.

Main, I loved the Martha's right by my bro's apartment. I went there every morning after I heard about it. Phenomenal.

And now all I have by work is the local chapter of the freemasons. I mean, Starbuck's. The twinkie may be nice, but the coffee blows.

From the looks of that picture, Malkin probably holds a grudge against Starbucks for amping her to Beavis-levels of caffeination.

Someone should really replace her brand of Insane Coffee with some decaf Folger's Crtysals.

Chuckles: The Martha & Whatsits Co. on Valencia?

Otto: No, I'm pretty sure the cnut was born that way.

elazv: may cause priapism, erectile bleeding.

She reminds me of James Earl Jones in Conan the Barbarian (the good Conan movie) as he is changing into the giant python to escape from Conan, Valeria and Subotai.

God that movie is awesome. I will watch it this evening, if the blogs don't come a knocking.

When I saw the H2 for the first time in Toronto, I left the driver a note. It was right when Canada was ratifying Kyoto. The truck was bright yellow. I basically wrote that the vehicle was preposterous and that the driver should be ashamed of him/herself. (Tagging for wimps...)

chuckles: I'd love to see Michelle face of with Grace Jones on Bill Maher. Sweet.

Oh, and knock, knock.

madamerouge: hope you enjoy orange jumpsuits and waterboarding, you islamofascist terror-monger!!!

First off, I want a follow up to the ellipsis that says has zest

Second, yea, notice how her correction that the initial hypothesis is COMPLETELY WRONG doesn't do anything to keep her readers from holding that initial opinion. This is why I find MM so frustrating. They are intelligent and crafty and will always say how they updated to correct but yet never manage to actually do anything to stop the meme from spreading.

1. Bostonians talking about people who riot
2. Japanese delicacy involving sea otters

New meme-

The dude that left the bomb is a libertarian...those fuckers!

fulsome: EXACTLY!!! But then, she and Glenn and others have learned from the best: Bush & Cheney et al. spent months insinuating that Saddam had something to do with 9/11. Then, when called on it, they, with little fanfare, admitted, yeah there was no link. And then they continued to push the meme.

elmo: that lacks panache. I prefer to think its just one of the scores of kooks lining windy-ass Van Ness corridor.

What's panache? LOL!

so long as they provide the 700 club fresh, reassuring, patriotic footage - they're good, and in rolls half his base.

elmo: You know what? Nihilists (unintentionally) have panache, esp. when they're wearing black.

md: Really? I thought the godbotherers were more like 1/3 or so of the base, the rest are just skeevy, sociopathic bastards along for the ride.

Leave Michelle along, you queer, wiener eating losers. Get a life, and get saved. Without God you will never amount to anything. In the words of the great Jerry Falwell, If you're not a born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being."

Absolutely, as soon as she leaves the rest of us alone and crawls back under her think-tank subsidized rock.

PS: Jerry Falwell isn't exactly the most quotable source around, unless you're looking for unintentional humor.

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