In Space, No One Can Hear Dean Scream

Ore : 5:54 PM

Ortershay Adlysay, Onay!/Esmay:

You die! You go to hell and you die, you traitorous bitch!" [ed. note: right-wing, may therefore have been edited after the fact for rhetorical expediency; double check with google cache.]

"So how about I twist your balls off because
you've proven to be a traitorous bitch?"

"Ooh! Ooh! Help, police, assault! Ooh, no! I said help,

"Chill, bitch, it was a

"I've arbitrarily declared you unhumorous, and have taken screen shots."

This was the funnest week ever! Thanks, gang!

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Dean-o stopped by Pinko's place. Check it out at 3Bulls!

Ooh, I did. Pretty pathetic, no?

What I'm waiting for is the Republican grass-roots campaign to abolish the wayback machine and google cache, because they kind of make it pointless to go back and change things just so you can make the argument that you never wrote what the reader thought you wrote.

rericud: A cow's doggie bag.

I can't believe he allowed a trackback of "Dean Esmay F**** a hole in the ground...ON THE MOON!!!!!"


the fake prosecutor at Esmay's fake trial. I can't wait until they sell his family for scrap at the well known New Jersey People's Body Part Collective!

Soylent Green is Esmay Eoplepay!!!


teh, did you see my first ever rap written just for you at WRN?

Perhaps you did, I'll go see.

The fevered bleatings of paper tiger cowards will never cease to amuse me.

ydmpq: Uighur Yiddish for "shapely woman"

"As political as I am in real life, I just don't have time for every wingnut website out there. It would be fun to get banned by a few dozen more sites, but I can't even keep up with reading the good political bloggers.

So I, a certified Genius, read Freedom Camp instead. You should too, kids! It's good and good for you. And knowing is half the battle."

You may now feel free to use this endorsement in your run for Governor/Head Librarian of Cali, teh. I want to see legions of your fans and supporters bedecked in the now infamous yellow football helmet and brilliant purple cape wielding their hamburgers of justice in your name.

Awww...CHuckles, you be hella sweet.

It's too bad, too, 'cos today was either going to be a takedown of a Human Events troll or a bad skiffy movie review. Unfortunately, the former were too boring by half, and I didn't have the heart to turn on the latter...

Um, alas, I skipped town over the weekend just ahead of the mob of pitchforky villagers -- and then Seb moved the site to a new Deutschesserver.

Talked to PP last night, but what's been happening?
  • Posted at 8:22 AM | By Anonymous Gavin M.

Oh, you know, the usual. Dedicated a post to chuckles, while pickin' up the slack for Sadly, No! Oh, and I stood in line at the DMV, something I won't blog about because I want to keep the tiny little audience I do have.

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