Dr. Sanity In Question

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I'm hesitant to get back to Dr. Sanity, as any dealings with her breed of rightist cannot but devolve into ever more sophistic exchanges that nevertheless boil down to juvenile "you are/no you are" playground taunts. But I'm bored, and I couldn't just let this recent expression of unhingedness -- especially from her -- go unacknowledged.

She suggests that certain leakers (but by no means all, natch; she does after all suffer from inverse BDS), and those who promulgate certain leaked information be subject to class action lawsuits because...

The wanton and deliberate leaking of this intelligence program not only puts those in classified postions out in the field at risk, but it also seriously impacts my own family's safety.

(Emphasis and hysteria in the original.)

Now, I know she's an awfully sharp lady, writing all those voluminous yet mostly evidence-free posts (if only to get across the point that liberals are by definition mentally ill), but I can't help but think we need to spell it out for her:

Doc, you live in ANN ARBOR FRICKIN' MICHIGAN. You are not going to get hit by an Islamonazisupervillainfascistexpialadocious terror attack. Not ever. The most likely terrorist attack to happen in your locale would be the pipe-bombing of the nearest abortion clinic. And since this is Michigan we're talking about, even that's an outlier.

Ah. It's so nice to see how that whole smug, superior rationality is working out for the best brains of the Right.

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Can you believe I didn't win first prize in my own bakeoff? I should have sent all my delicious cookies to you. *hmph*

What, toss your cookies my way and I toss your salad? Is that the deal? What kind of Polk street gutter whore do you think I am?

Of course I would have crowned you winner. But then you'd always wonder... Were you really the best?

Um no, because I already KNOW I was the best! Which is why it's totally bunk that they gave it to the NICE GIRL!

Meh. She's not *that* nice.

[walks off, whistling...]

Res's cookies looked the best, troy's package tasted the best, and Blue Girl sneaked through, probably because of her pure butter mocha balls. Also, she went over the top on the packaging. She is a sly lady. She was rated third on taste in this judges opinion.
  • Posted at 12:37 PM | By Anonymous A unnamed official

I bet she tastes just fine.

Well, chuckles, aren't we full of surprises. I was sure your taste ran more to twinkies.

re: the comment immediately preceding oh snap!!

but quick Q .... who the eff is Dr Sanity? or as they say in these parts

┬┐quien es Dr. Sanity?

Dr. Sanity.

I guess my link to "the original" in the middle of the post wasn't obvious enough...dang.

Sorry to disappoint my fans, but I gotta love them clams.

But I'll play a twinkie lover on TV if the money's bad.

ah, another portal into the world of shrieking mindless hordes that is the right blogosphere.

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