On The Empty, Jabbering Head of David Brooks

Ore : 9:09 AM

What Amanda (and her commenters) said.

I would merely like to add that Brooks's wankery in this instance seems doubly wankeriffic: not only does this man clearly lack even the foggiest notion of the exigencies of a real working life, even if he is married (which this piece makes me severely doubt), I'm pretty certain that he and his putative wife employ domestics, and furthermore do not actually know anyone who is a housewife in the true sense of the word.

Brooks has a real problem. His age and the plaudits afforded him by his bobblehead peers who constitute the corporate media Wurlitzer have led to a certain puffery of intellect, compelling him to write about subjects in which even yours truly is better versed and wiser. And that's somewhere between sad and just plain scary.

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Comments for On The Empty, Jabbering Head of David Brooks
That was wanktastic!

david brooks is one moustache away from being tom friedman.

make that one moustache and a hankerin for some globalization-wankering.

Weeeelll...Maybe, but Brooks never even makes those trademark Friedman attempts at unctuous soothing, that whole "oh, man, all those things you think are horrible really are good, for all these absolutely erroneous reasons I just pulled out of my flabby, overpaid ass" tack.

It's cruddy, 'cos Brooks will go on for so long sounding almost sensible, then he'll hit you right out of the 13th Century.

This guy is a phony of the highest order. Anyone who talks like that (and I just read the excerpts from Amanda) has DEFINITELY employed domestics. Cleaning isn't fun. Kids aren't fun 80% of the time, which is why I don't want any of the little buggers.

Plus, he claims to be so bloody learned, but it's so easy to bust him when he doesn't know what he's talking about. How did he get his NYT gig anyway?

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