The Greatest Gift: Shamelessness

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Got your insulin handy? Why? You won't need it. Everything from here on in is pure saccharine. That is to say, unbearably sweet, with a nasty aftertaste, and absolutely calorie-free.

With few exceptions, almost every one of Townhall's holiday-themed columns read (the occasional bow to Right-wing straw men notwithstanding) like they could have been written by the most socialistic, bleeding-heart, turn-the-other-cheek, green-green-lima-bean lefties ever to have animated Dennis Prager's most fevered nightmares, with all the glib self-assurance of words that will never be backed up by actions.

* Jennifer Roback Morse is settling her baleful, asymmetric gaze on you, non-bethrottled parents. Are you contributing to the divorce culture that's enabling Satan in the culture wars? Well, if the shoe fits, that which walks like a duck should wear it, or something like that...

* Star Parker, after her barely there nod to the War on Christmas, is all sweetness and light, offering up a merengue of feel-good homilies served on a super-flaky crust of pseudoscience that any serious conservative would sneer at prior to or after December. The effort is so unnatural to her, she becomes incoherent after the first paragraph.

"Happiness is in the giving, not the getting," indeed. Listen, hon, words are cheap. Some more than others.

* Speaking of which, the real screamer comes courtesy of Armstrong Williams -- yes, that Armstrong Williams -- who sounds, if one were to take this column out of the context of, say, his entire career to date, as though he plans on renouncing everything Republicans have always stood for and starting a new job with Common Dreams:

"In today’s society so much emphasis is placed on materialism and financial status."

Hmmm, I wonder why?

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Comments for The Greatest Gift: Shamelessness
That gave me a headache.

That's one fine collection of DOLTS!

While self-deception is quite demonstrably at the core of our national psyche, these wankers play it like a crack-whore minstrel show.

If I were at all surprised, I might be angry.

I find that comment to be offensive. I know some crack whore minstrels and they want nothign to do with these people. They just want rock.

And to think, some Townhall readers will mistakenly believe that these Scrooges have good hearts!

Star Parker quoted Gregg Easterbrook? How almost sendible of her. Too bad she couldn't use it to form a coherent thought.

It would have made just as much sense if she'd quoted Tuesday Morning Quarterback.

"Star Parker quoted Gregg Easterbrook?"

What did I say? Shameless.

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