This Is Dedicated To The Ones I Love...

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Herewith are my top seven blogguy crushes listed in no particular order, manly men who know how to STICK IT IN!

If I haven't mentioned you, that's 'cuz I ain't crushin' on you (at this very moment). Chill -- it's not like this shit is an honor...

Res doesn't know it but I've actually seen a picture of him and he be hella cute. Go read him and sidekick AG now. Kind of like Roy and Dale (I'm guessing Troy would be Trigger...), only with baked goods instead of gee-tarrs.

Bobby Lightfoot makes me want to get up in drag (I make a really pretty girl when I've shaved my beard), just to increase the likelihood that he might trick-fuck me super hard. He's that good.

I have a huge crush on fatrobot. He is a super hot daddy whose virility is breathtaking. His wife is a very lucky woman!!!

Pop Renaissance is super smart music-wise. And disturbingly handsome. I vote yes!

I cannot know, but I'm pretty sure PP is that super cute house punk hustler I would have humped really good back in '97 were it not for his high price and raging gonorrhea.

Chuckles is cranky (in a sexy way) and seems like the kind of guy who would pop up in some unwritten Francoise Sagan novel just long enough to deflower the protagonist and leave her gasping for more. Sweet.

I feel vaguely dirty putting him on this list because he is such a good and wholesome Christian, but let's face facts: Church Secretary is a sexy daddy and a firefighter with massive, calloused, hot, hard hands. 'Nuff said.

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Comments for This Is Dedicated To The Ones I Love...
I see that per usual, nice guys finish last!!!! And to think that we once considered marriage. *sniff*

skeexa (for reals!!!)

There there. I am blowing you a kiss. Better?

Diverse list. Very eclectic.

Ha! This is my word verification: bukyyye and you know I just accidentally added another k in there.

And Indy suggests bukkake.

Huh? orqrrlhg

I am now blushing, teh. Methinks you give me far too much credit, though. I'm really not very good or very wholesome. What passes for faith with me is just a shitload of biblical knowledge from my childhood, tempered and perverted by my adult antiestablishment critical thinking tendencies.

The hands thing is pretty accurate, though.

I am honored.

As I have discussed before, I'm the stealth straight guy that f*cks up your gaydar and that's what makes me devastating. Luckily I try to keep my dick-teasibility in check by eschewing tats and the gym in favor of Take 5 bars and Geenie C/

My fave geneticist/lesbian called me a recombinant that proves certain phenotypes are tightly linked but not associated with teh gay. Linkage disequilibrium, motherf*ckers! An the clap to boot!

Uncanny Candian is the same way. You should see us in Traitor Joe's.

PS I have a blog crush on Teh L4m3 too.

PPS But I would fight your ass DOWN to be friends with Bobby Lightfoot. DID I SAY THAT!

PPPS Fat Robot is amazing and I hate it for its unforced awesomess

PPPPS Res is awesome and I know he spared UC some painful drugstore moments

PPPPPS Pop ren is totally going to ROCK out ont he 15th, will teh be there?

PPPPPPS Merry Everything, Co Co Co-bags!


The sound John Gibson (Fox news) makes when fellating himself.

oh damn, i'm blushing. and i don't blush easily.

okay, for that, young man, first round at my gig is on me.

I will be there. And please don't ever put that albino nazi rat's name on my internets again. He is teh 3v1l.

alxkxnrb: Alex, what is the sound you made after wrapping your truck around a telephone pole?

That is correct, earning you 500 dollars, cobag.

NOT BETTER. *fetal and sobbing*

gregor, you got passed around like a drunk cheerleader prom date at the 3B! party, so you can hardly complain. teh never got over it, considering all your "you're the one...really..." talk that night.

Oh sure throw that in my face! That shouldn't prevent me from being emotionally manipulative should it??!!!!

Sure, I'm small with red fur all over me, but it's not the size that maters...OK, maybe it does. We can't all be Jim Thome!

LOL! I can die my fur if you don't like red.

Oh Elmo, you tickle me.

I was reading this post and I thopught, I wonder if' Ill get props like this and lo and behold!

As further proof of my little l liberality qoutient, I live with a gay man. I owe you a drink or four if you make it to the party fulsome is planning, teh!

mmpyowli: The sound made by Marie Jon' as Michele Malkin licks her raw and bound...

linx up:

red out.

Well thanks. I think you probably saw a picture of someone else, but're one of my fave bloggitty man-crushes too :)

As regards PP, he's pretty cute, but you're definitely right about the gono.

zjymkvq (that seems a little excessive, don't you think?)

Oh, and I'd totally put on a wig and call myself Suzie to be Bobby Lightfoot's bitch, too. He r0xX0rZ my s0xX0rZ!!1!

gbtjsxk (are they trying to break my fucking hand, or what?)

the true heart of freedom camp laid bare - a cross between 'rocky horror picture show' and 'hackers.'

In my first freshman year at college, a group of girls voted me the Only Man on Campus Studly Enough to be Han Solo.

That was my proudest moment until this post. Woot!

rpweef: The sound made by someone inhaling for the first time since college.

WTF? Just because I have headlights, you don't have a crush on me? I am sorry, but my dog boys crush on me all the time and Madame, he's coming under my spell too. I am the original Margaret Cho, bitch!

teh, I am disappointed. Deeply. Devastated. First Secret Blog Lover turns out to be a creep and now this?!

I am sending a Karl Rove talking doll and Deena to deliver it to your house this year.

Hurt. Very hurt.


P.S. I like Troy as Trigger. And before Res says it, I am a hetero girl and NOT his adorable girlfriend.

Love ya, Res!

Don't worry, AG, you'll get your shout out as soon as I do my breaking piece on most fabulous meat zeppelins of the blogosphere. I call them BlogoSpheres.

"I'm a quick study!" (Ralph Wiggum intonation)

btw, teh l4m3, your Gorillaz comment over on fatrobot put me on my office floor laughing. Literally. It was auusfle (word verif.) good.

OK, I am not sure I want to be a meat zep, but I'll wait.

For you honey, I'll wait...

I prefer the traditional term:
Bodacious Ta-Tas.

Meat zeps aren't something you are, they're something you have, silly! Also, we've all been degraded (in a totally hot way) by having Teh publically slobbering after our hot sausages (Gregor Samsa = vienna sausage, but I'm sure it's hot), so it's only fair that you be honored for the buoyancy of your fun-bags.

Oh, and by the way, I totally heart your Xman Suicide Bomber Barbie picture.

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