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"Democracies don't go to war; democracies are peaceful countries." - President George W. Bush, 12/19/2005

(...Meaning by that, I guess, that once Iraq becomes an honest-to-goodness democracy, it will no longer unilaterally invade foreign countries on false pretenses, because real democracies don't do that sort of thing.

Wait, so what is he trying to say about America?)

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I want the NSA to wiretap into God's communication with W... what can he be thinking!?!

"Now, where does Jenna keep her stash box..." Pause. "Heh, heh, heh."

Yeah, that one is so utterly idiotic it's mindboggling. Is he suggesting we are NOT a democracy, since we obviously make war? Do you suppose he really doesn't comprehend the ridiculousness of this statement? He is constantly one-upping himself in the stupid department.

bloo jesus told him to say that

Real democracy rules don't apply to rich countries, silly!

What's really disgusting-- you know, "Is-this-truly-the-only-planet-I-can-live-on" disgusting-- is that so many people in this country support Bush's nonsense.

I just want to tap GWB's head. With a ballpeen hammer.

"Representative democratic republics, on the other hand, can bomb the shit out of whoever they want. Next question."

Chuckles: They're watching you! Careful what you say! SS is coming for you!!!

Auguste: That's far to eloquent a construction to expect even out of a wired-for-stereo-with-Rove-on-the-mic George.

What is sick to me is all of the simpletons who hear such nonsense and are comforted by it.


Oh shit, teh! You are so right. I should have said a sledge hammer.

And I fucking dare someone to come after me for saying that. I will have the most awesome time in court with that wrongful persecution suit.

persecution is fair in love and blogistan, but prosecution WOULD be fun to watch.

That said, I'd just like to lock him in a room with 10 disdainful grandmothers, for 20 minutes.

he'd crack.

Bush surrounds himself with mother figures because his mother never lvoed him, if we could get that bitch on our side, he would crack faster than somethign that is really, really fast.

jdazkh: The new -istan to be formed from northern Iraq.

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