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I am somewhat puzzled with the Right's insistence on attributing partisan definitions to inherently ambiguous terms -- or to be more accurate, terms that in and of themselves do not have to mean what current mainstream conservatives want them to mean. For example: "politically correct." To the Right, it has historically meant opposing sexist, racist, homophobic, and other undesirable language to the point of ludicrousness. But in a country where all three branches of government are controlled by the Right, where lost cause goobers at a NASCAR event sell Old Spice, and Blue Collar Comedy also-rans hawk Hemis and good-ole-boy ringtones, aren't quoting Ann Coulter and flying the Stars & Bars and fantasizing about the wholesale slaughter of "Jawas" the "politically correct" things to do?

And if your average Republican insists that the definition of "Bush Derangement Syndrome" is a knee-jerk, visceral hatred of George W. totally out of proportion to reality, what term describes an irrationally worshipful -- indeed, deifying -- attitude towards the current president?

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Oh Dexter, a swollen and inflamed history of glittering-eyed, foaming-at-the-mouth, eardrum-piercing kneejerk Clinton hatred notwithstanding, that can't possibly be THE explanation, can it?

pmaim: make of that what you will...

GOd damn I love the projection rip, it's the "don't be defensive" of the 00's.

Hey, teh, check out Six Meat Buffet, and their post we harsh on- seriously, yeah, the lady overdoes it, but the crack about the pizza, wow, those guys are fucksticks. AG left a comment over there and they deleted it. Nice going cock-nonmunchers. Of course I would call them cockmunchers, but I wanted you to know how I meant it.

Amen, P.P., I never use the term 'cocksucker' as a pejorative. All the cocksuckers I know are wonderful people. I wouldn't dare besmirch them with such a comparison.

Anyway, teh, you've got to remember that this dynamic has been around since the before the U.S. was a country. The crucial time of development, though, was in the 1960's when LBJ (who probably had suspicions about the existence of a just God) was trying to make up for Vietnam with his Great Society. The Captains of Industry weren't having it, though, and through their carefully and prodigiously placed political infrastructure investments, the latest conservative 'revolution' was born.

By the time Nixon oozed into the White House, most of the god-fearing, red-blooded white men in the U.S. had long since grown tired of seeing women voting and niggers demanding to be treated like human beings. The Civil Rights Act drove most of those yahoos out of the Democratic Party, and Nixon picked up the fence-sitters and stragglers by convincing them that protests against the Vietnam War were more evil than the war itself, and that negroes rioting over centuries of brutal, institutionalized mistreatmeant was worse that the actual mistreatment (these hoodwinkings were easy, what with the assists from the big-money media and the dark-hearted willingness of the deceived to be deceived).

What we have today is only a logical extension of that dynamic, made easy by an education system that continues (with a straight face) to teach children that a nation built on the genocide of millions and the stolen lives of millions more can proudly stand and call itself a beacon of freedom and liberty.

Honestly, the optimist in me is hoping that enough of the yahoos will see enough of how massive a failure their philosophy is when put into practice (courtesy of Bush, et al) that they'll quietly walk away from the electoral process (or put their faith in another Ross Perot) long enough for us sane people to get a relatively sane politician in the White House. However, the pessimist in me remembers that when droves of fundies and yahoos went for Perot twice, the best we could sneak in was Bill "I Set the Table for you, Georgie" Clinton.

I think I'll teach my daughter to speak Danish and get her a passport.

Clinton did a far better job of things than people want to give him credit.

Clinton's anti-terror groupies were *actually* hunting OBL and cutting off his fuunding, until they were disregarded and replaced by GWB. Cheney and GWB were all waiting for 9/11 to happen. Those bastards have been making a crapload of money from every disaster they have allowed to happen during their tenure. It is utterly despicable.

Granted, some will say Clinton's economic policies led us to the recession/depression we are in, but trickle-down/supply side economics have been a proven failure since Reagan and Bush the Elder. I won't even speak on Clinton's debt reduction policies, they pretty much speak on their own. Every economist knows that our economy cycles through periods of boom and bust, but this can be mitigated through governmental policies.

So Clinton got some head while he was in the office. Is it more important that he lied about a blow job or that the current lie is killing people every day?(I make no distinction in nationality of those killed.)

So, please, a little respect for a man whose like we are desperate to have again.

Chuckles: !!! Don't you point that thing at me!

Seriously, I think you misunderstand (?): Dex was attributing rightwing accusations of "BDS" to projection on their part, and I was saying *their* knee-jerk hatred of Clinton alone couldn't explain this mental version of Twister on crack.

isotn: Eastern European Isotoner knock-offs.

Hah! So true, so true. Two things I hate above all in this world besides the Republican party: Nascar and blue collar comedy.

Larry the cable guy can kiss my hairy, whop ass!

Okay, so I'm guessing that "stupidity" isn't specific enough a reason for Bush-worship, but it's the best you're going to find...

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