Sadly, Yes!

Ore : 8:41 AM

Phyllis Schlafly
Kellyanne Conway
Michelle Malkin
Ann Coulter
Kaye Grogan
Anita Bryant

Laura Ingraham
"Dr." Laura Schlessinger...

I'm making a list and checking it twice...And these dipshits and others are in the wrong fucking column.

UPDATE: Elmo adds Laura to the list. Accepting more suggestions until this post scrolls off or I lose interest...
UPDATE II: Phinky suggests the good "Doctor" Laura "Beaver Patch" Schlessinger...

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Comments for Sadly, Yes!
I like how you left out the obvious people. Nicely put, but don't give them coal because they would just toss that on the hate fires they stoke.

I so enjoyed those holiday products!

laura Ingraham should be added to the list too.

Burn the witches!

So I'm still on your nice list???!?!?!?1!!?

send them some scorpions!!

No way man, The Scorps REWL!

Send them a full catalog of barbara streisand movies on BETA.

Just be sure to wish them a "Happy End of Year Celebration!"

I really despise Kaye. I mean, I really despise her. I am asking Hanukkah Harry to have put in an Iraqi prison this year.

With Harry, all your hopes and dreams can come true.

Asshat, you are always on some type of list.

Dr Laura Schlessinger should be added to the list too.

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