The War On Christmas

Ore : 9:41 PM

Apologizing for the brief absence; work, then a computer-falling-apart issue.

Anyway, here's my initial salvo:

- None of my gifts are coming from Wal-Mart.
- My Christmas tree is going to be live, so I may transplant it following the first thaw.
- During the "Black Friday" melee, I laughed at that lady whose wig popped off when she got trampled.
- I tore up a paper nativity scene that my predecessor at work used to display prominently.

A lesson in ingenious parenting. From DailyRotten.

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Comments for The War On Christmas
That Santa looks kinda like John Goodman from "Big Lebowski."

Oh, I fuckin' love Wal Mart dude.

So what's the deal with bleeding Mary Mother of G in Sactown? What did you do to her?


hermes: Actually, so do I. But I figure, Republicans hold Wal-Mart up to be a paragon of corporate virtue, and that includes Bill O'Rielly and Fox News (the original spawning ground of this "Thar's a war on Christmas by them goldurned lib'ruls, doncha know" crap), so I thought that was some decent opening sniping on my part.

PP: Remember that scene at the House of Blue Leaves, where Go-Go Yubari gets a nail in the temple?

Fuckin Mary shouldn't have been steppin up in my grill, yo.


come clean, teh. which rich, secular european superjew is paying you to run this site?

The unholy axis of George Soros, Bernard-Henri Lévi, and Bill Moyers, natch...

i chuckled at that too, i won’t lie.

Your kung fu is strong, my friend

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