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Ore : 10:22 AM

Huffing and puffing in today's Moonie Times:

The liberal media is trying to undermine Bush by lying about Iraq and failing to acknowledge that he's only doing what Clinton said we should. Never mind examples, of course -- what do you think this is, some kind of high school English course?

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They wan't you to think liberals flew planes into the trade towers.

I think a few of us could afford a lil extra high school English anyway.

It always irritates me when people complain about the Washington Post being liberal. Well I guess compared to the Moonie Times. And for conservatives in the Washington DC area, there is also the DC Examiner which is free. Guess what? The Post outsells them both! Even though the Examiner is free and the Moonie paper is 10 cents cheaper.

"What do you think this is, some kind of high school English course?"

Of course not.

It's shop class.
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