Some Dichotomies Are Not False

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Don't you worry 'bout a thing, honeychild: Glamour Shots will do your grill proper no matter whether your best side be "left" or "right".

This makes perfect sense to me. Given the way things have been going for the past few decades, the only real options have become working for peace, or engaging in genocide. Glad he's decided to throw his lot in with the former.

Pee-Ess: Wouldn't it be nifty if the Likud's apparent political fate were the bellwether for Dobsonite/Friedmanite radical conservatives here, and for other, ultimately untenable extreme right-wing movements abroad? Dare we dream???

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Ooooooooh it's such a delicious dream too!

Dream the impossible dream!

My concern is that Sharon still has a lot invested in maintaining the tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians because that's one of the primary sources of his political power. It's a step in the right direction for him but I can't help but think that this new-found pragmatism on his part is not based on heart-felt motivations but rather the realities of conflict. I wish that it was the former but I'll accept the later.

PS glad you got your packages.

It's all about realities. It's always about the oil and gas.

Not the milk and honey.

Oh God. Why can't we just all get along?

Peace in the Middle East? I can't even imagine it. = (

is that title supposed to be a dichotomy, too?

Since some are, and some aren't -- yes, smart guy, it is!!!


We slapped down some chickenhawks today on my blog, teh. Would have been better with you there though.

Howdy, teh.

It would be great if this were a step in the right direction, but I fear that Israeli policy is driven by a combination of the settler dynamic (involving emigres from the U.S. and Europe who see 'the Holy Land' as the locus of manifest destiny for white Jews) and U.S. neocon imperialism. When you factor in the average U.S. citizen's almost reflexive disdain for foreign brown people, it's very difficult to imagine either the U.S. or the bulk of Israeli population going along with the creation of a truly independent Palestinian state. Let's not even get into the reactionaries who now infest the Muslim world and are fed by the West's neocolonial recalcitrance.

On the bright side, I did visit Elmo's place to help him with his chickenhawk lightweight.

Hate to get sincere on your all's asses but Happy Thanksgiving!

That's a pretty loose definition of genocide and a questionable source for that article you linked. I'm not backing Jackie Mason's idea, but what he's advocating isn't genocide. Evicting people isn't genocide. Killing all of them, as so many have tried to do to the Israelis, is genocide.

Setting that aside, it would be nice if peace finally took hold.

Hi Jess. I don't mean to sound shitty, but my point stands vis a vis historical events leading to a current dichotomy that puts peace behind door number one, and mass extermination of one group by the other behind door number two -- the only other door.

I chose this article because it was at hand. Perhaps it wasn't the best choice. But it does bear mentioning that the original piece on is even nastier than the impression of it given by The Electronic Intifada article.

Regardless, eliminationist rhetoric is rampant on both sides. The problem with elimationist rhetoric is that it almost never ends in words. It always ends in something far worse.

And I hope you don't think I'm singling out Jews for a fingerwagging, or even just nutty far-far-right Likudniks...

Anyway, Happy T-Day!

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