Potluck Tomorrow

Ore : 10:06 PM

I'm fixin' up a tray of Tranny Surprise:

Kootchie-kootchie-GAAAH! (Not pictured: sassy gee-tarr.)

(Should I continue my series in tragic tranny blogging? Do you people even knows what pops up in a Google image search when you just use the word tranny??? Christ, I was expecting Heckles, Peaches, Porsche...or Reginald or Pippi, maybe...or hell, even Timmy Frickin' Spence -- anything but this!)

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Comments for Potluck Tomorrow
Potluck O' Tranny!

Isn't she purrdy? I call her Transquatch, Queen of Trannsylvania!

BTW, check it out, chica -- you're in zee blogroll!

"Tranny" is one of those Google-at-your-own-risk words. Also fun is "queening." Not what you think.

Thankfully I have safe search on at work.
Cos frankly my curiousity gets the better of me. Don't put words into my mind to search in google again please, PCP pot brownies or not!

Teh! Thanks man! = )

I've gotta get some links up on my own site but haven't gotten around to it because, according to Fatrobot, I'm skinny and, therefore, moody and lazy.

I knew it...Skinny girls, lounging about a shabby-chic apartment in stylish clothes, pontificating on the meaning of Art, snorting heroin, making out with Ally Sheedy...You're all the same. Bah!

Funny thing is that the Tranny look is so popular among women who come here to ski at Vail and shop at Cherry Creek.

Seriously. That mannish, overly made-up, botoxed look is pretty much ubiquitous here during ski season.

It's a look that screams for a sequined cowboy hat, n'est pas?

remind vestal vespa to have her tell me to tell you my knife wielding, puerto rican drag queen story.

and the drooling drag queen story's good too.

and btw, i think tragic tranny day's a winner. beats my friday dr. who blogging.

wait, isn't that omarosa?


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