It Is A Mystery!

Ore : 8:11 AM

Because Smartypants and Indygirl were so offended by the previous post, and because I really can't blame them, a quick suh'm-suh'm 'fore I go to work...

What kind of librarian am I?

'K, toodles for now...

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Comments for It Is A Mystery!
I think either you archive porn or movies about pervs as a librarian.

Am I right? Do I win a prize?

You win a poke in the eye with a dirty stick, you foul harridan!

In other words: close but no cigarillo...

Yay! She's gone!

Teh baby, you still heart me!


There are 2 kinds at my library: nice and mean. I suspect you are somewhere in the middle, like "mice."

IG: clearly, I'm on the left end of that spectrum.

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