Nuh-Uhhh! Are Not!

Ore : 10:20 AM

I do believe I've found a brilliant acquisition for my children's section...

(Thanks, Corey -- you are one powerful piece of man!)

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Comments for Nuh-Uhhh! Are Not!
BRILLIANT! the nuances of childhood, the unexpected twist, the startling realism...all expertly realised. i am in awe.

btw - got some shite to donate to the library but don't know if you want/need it.

Sure! I'll shoot you an e-mail in a bit...Please just realize that the shite in question is acceptable only if it comes properly wrapped (not in a paper bag), and certainly not delivered to our doorstep, on fire!

I luvs me some Angus Oblong. Creepy Suzy is one of my favorites.


Hee hee. Poison tea.

I have wanted to steal so much from you, but not as much as that, AND the accompanying Vestal Vespa comment. Jealous much, Pinko?

Pinko: yeah.

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