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This was somebody's child.

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the supporters of war don't seem to grasp or care about the toll it take on the innocent
the bible thumping republicans who are so adamant about banning abortion because all life is precious are the biggest hypocrites of all supoorting the destruction of innocent life by blindly going along wioth whatever crap the white house feeds them
truly horrible.
all life is precious means ALL life, not american life or christian life, but all life, even your so called enemies
i hope the american population will get their act together and not be so complacent about what their tax dollars are paying for

I know How the caged bird gets beaten. Still struggling with the Why. Maybe that's why I like your blog! Stop by for mother's point of view. Your blog is a great one...may I put it on my Thinker Things list? Ma

War is a nonstop nightmare. I wish more people realized how horrible it is. Then we might save it for the absolute last resort it should be, instead of trumping up reasons to start one.

I'll betcha George Herbert Walker is wishing he had undermined his son to the point where that pissy little fucker had had to endure war, and had thus gained a greater respect for what it entails.

Stupid piece of shit. God I hate W.

W.,like many of his ilk, is incapable of the compassion required to be a human being.
So now the majority of Americans don't believe the Bush Administration to be honest? That's an understatement.

What was that Tina Fey line? "The other 34% believe that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church."

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I know why the caged bird gets beaten.

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