November 8, Pt. III: Muddying The Waters

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You were born to a two-car, one income family in a shady enclave of some staid suburb. You went to Catholic school, sat down for a steak and potatoes dinner at least twice a week with Mom and Dad and big sis -- no tuna surprise ever graced the doily runner of your family's heirloom dining-room table. You spent your winters at Sugar Bowl, your summers in on-the-sly circlejerks at Camp Kickasquaw. You went on to a decent college, leaving with a generically respectable sheepskin, yet without too many student loans owing. Dad helped out whenever you had a bit of trouble with the rent at first, and you bounced out of that little scrape with coke easily enough. You finished a few solid decades of work at some non-descript white-collar job, leaving with plenty to show for it: a four-bedroom clapboard on a quarter acre, a 24-karat-plated trophy wife, a new car every several years, 2.5 kids who hateyourgutsandeverything youdon'tstandforbutthey'llgrowoutofit. And at worst, you're only up to your calf muscles in hock. You could be forgiven for thinking there's no real difference between propositions 78 and 79 -- or indeed, that they're any concern of yours at all. Hell, the most political you're likely to get is, after looking with alarm upon your shrivelling portfolio, popping a couple of Zoloft, and dusting off those hoary middle-class liberal ideals that haven't seemed this appealing since college, preparing them as a predicate for your recently discovered dislike of the current regime...

But for the rest of us -- the great majority of Californians who enjoy a life free of and unburdened by the exigencies of insurance and regular health care -- the distinctions could not be more stark. I could not put it any more succinctly than the League of Women Voters has, other than to reiterate that 78 is essentially (like so many other corporate-fist-wrapped-in-a-theocratic-glove, compassionate conservative offerings) a smokescreen, paid for by big pharma to draw as many votes away from 79 as possible. If there you've ever had difficulty procuring the medicine you need, if you've ever had to make painful choices among heating, food, and prescriptions, if there's even the remotest chance that the thread by which you're hanging could break, you need to pay attention to the details and VOTE NO ON 78, YES ON 79.

My father's friend, who's barely getting by, who is on Medicare, and who is easily confused when big players muddy issues, has already sent in his absentee ballot. Tragically, he was taken in and voted yes on the wrong one, no on the right one. Please don't make the same mistake.

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Comments for November 8, Pt. III: Muddying The Waters
There you go again. Shaming the rest of us with your serious side. *Sigh*

That's okay. I'm a lazy cretin and was putting off reading those two until tonight. Because it was muddy and I was drinking tequila and got distracted. Just like they wanted.

Those bastards! Don't worry, Pepper, we'll get them. My only hope is that I can get through 80 tomorrow.

BTW, have you noticed just how useless those damn sample ballots are this time around? And my library branch never did receive information for the special election. I mean, this shit is all really super fishy...

Oooooh, that is shady!

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