"Mr. Sulu..."

Ore : 10:04 PM

...Set phasers on FAAA-BULOUS!"
Allz I gotz ta say is, Malkin better get her affairs in order if plans to step up on this bitch. Word!

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Comments for "Mr. Sulu..."
The existance of Gasians use to be a legend untill now.

Believe me, spend enough time at Divas or The Powerhouse, and you'll see* them...

*be groped by**.

**Though doubtfully by Takei; he's far too upstanding and gentlemanly. He'd buy drinks and chat first, at least.

So THAT's why he started that fistfight with the klingon's when they first found the tribbles!

overcompensation. of course!

There's gonna be lots of Sulu Action in the Castro this year, you can count on it!

Congratulations. Best post title ever!

I'm trying to get a friend of mine into a sexy gold tunic with cuff braids. She can wear it over black dickies and combat boots...Even tho' the cops might confiscate the phaser (Halloween, Castro, blockheaded cops...you know the drill...)

The Castro is sooo much better than Georgetown on Halloween. Unless you want to see all the costumes you can buy at the Gap. Then Georgetown is great

Well done on the title, too. I amy just use that this Friday.

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