Lackluster Saturday Posting

Ore : 11:41 AM

I'm tired, cranky, and congested. But I'm still going to spend the day planting my remaining daffodil bulbs, and picking trash up from the side of the road for a couple miles in either direction -- Take that, Prussian Blue fans!

Anyway, funny and cuddly Austinite Norby has posted such invitations before, but this is the first time I've partaken. I'm glad I did, but I realize my lack of imagination causes me to hew a mite too close to Meatly convention...

Finally, I wasn't going to do this, but Brian at Uncle Torture and Nölff at KickAss Media all but begged for it...Go, go MS Paint Skills! Get me to that Saturday matinee!!!

The Big Chewbowski: Dudehisattva sez "RAAAAWRRRRUUUUNH!"

Pee-Ess: Many new additions to the blogroll; do please check them out!

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Comments for Lackluster Saturday Posting
Dudehisattva, that steely dan song, right?

Well, if 'The Dude' drinks white russians, maybe 'The Chewd' drinks blue prussians.

md: Exactly. It's just that simplistical.

NS: Sweet! Like, he tears off their little blonde heads, and quaffs deep of the hot, red Aryan nectar within.


it's also some pretty lackluster sunday posting.

poke, prod.

c'mon, no ponies for the lazy.

I'm working goddammit!!!

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