Hello 1nt3rn3tz!!1!

Ore : 3:41 PM

I was cleaning my computer all day long. Did you miss me?

RIDDLE O' THE DAY: Q. How did George Bush find his second-term nominations?
(Answer upside down at bottom of post!)

Thought so.

And now it's time to start dinner. Damn!

Oh well, more later, my pretties!

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Comments for Hello 1nt3rn3tz!!1!
I missed my daily dose of lovein'-from-behind from T3h L4m3rZzZ

I'm sure that GWB's boogers would be better justices than the clowns that he's nominated so far.

GS has a good point. :)

Damn, that must have been some dinner. Where are you?

Couldn't you just see Rehnquist giving the booger the stare down for interrupting him during questioning? Uppity booger.

"Judge Booger, had you been a Supreme Court Justice in the early 70s, how would you have ruled in Roe v. Wade?"


That gave me a lil giggle.

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