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Caught the last chunk of songs prior to their encore broadcast of the Death Cab for Cutie "Left of..." live studio session, the existence of which baffles me. I suppose it's a holdover from the need expressed during the early-to-mid-90s for unplugged versions of, like, "real" music, man. And while even Björk could make a go of it for MTV, dancing around arbitrary and stupid handicaps with sheer inventiveness (water-filled wineglasses, anyone?), bands like DCFC, Postal Service, Figurine, etc. gain absolutely nothing by this format -- indeed, though they hardly become unlistenable, their songs nevertheless lose everything that made you stop and perk your ears up in the first place.

But I digress. I love the Minister, but for my purposes he's boring -- a solidly competent DJ who never plays anything really horrible. Ah well, I'll make do...

Morningwood - "Nth Degree": The world needs less Dandy Warhols, more Morningwood. Danceable, mad stoopid, sexy dorky, poseurdom as entirely tongue-in-cheek. They should have backup dancers doing a cheerleader routine with that chorus. 7/10

Elbow - "Station Approach": Thoughtful lyrics salvage an otherwise blah-pensive song. 5/10

The Go! Team - "Bottle Rocket": I would not have danced to this if it had been playing at the Stud 5 years ago, but I might have bobbed my head in time while nursing a Grey Goose greyhound and talking up a cute boy. 5/10

Ben Folds - "Bitches Ain't Shit": I'd love to see this performed just this way at a quiet, candlelight dinner attended by Dr. Dre. I think he'd like it too. Adds a layer of wistfulness (giggling notwithstanding) that isn't immediately obvious in the original. 6.5/10

Calla - "It Dawned On Me": Obviously written to be played as background music for an "HBO Original Programming" promotional spot. Still damn catchy, compellingly driving. 4/10

Starsailor - "Four To The Floor": Stylish, almost euro-poppy, this is one I'd be thoroughly unsurprised to hear in the mix at a Marina party thrown by a pudgy SF Culinary Academy student because his girlfriend's best gay friend recommended it to him. And while I loathe the Academy students for destroying the Wooden Horse and turning it into a Avril Lavignesque faux-punk hole in the wall, this is a fun song. 6/10

Matt Pond PA - "Halloween": I completely understand why this band has never been that big. A lovely "no-one-among-these-vapid-partying-hipsters-understands-the-angst-that-throbs-in-my-soul-I-am-a-deep-young-man-who-is-lonely-while-surrounded-by-people" song. Nothing special, but I would clap politely if I caught it performed live at a Chico coffeehouse. 5/10

The Arcade Fire - "Cold Wind": These five guys and two girls are clearly among the top five most talented, most rippingest, most engaging bands to break out in recent years. The exquisite melancholy that whips through even this, one of their lesser offerings, is miles beyond anything offered by the recent spate of wannabes. 7/10

Ted Leo, Rx/Pharmacists - "Bridges, Squares": This is their fourth or fifth single so far, and I'm beginning to lose patience with them. I have a huge, gnawing fear that in ten years, Ted Leo is going to be a new generation's equivalent of Michael Stipe or Morrissey. Somebody stop him now! 5/10

The New Pornographers - "Twin Cinema": Duh -- like you had to ask. Oh wait, you didn't. 8.5/10.

Oh, thank Cthluhu this was over before I had to do Supergrass, 'cuz I got nuthin'. Bitches better play some Crooked Fingers next time...

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Comments for You Can't Be Sirius
you just crapped on two songs that we love. we hate you.

that starsailor description is too funny for words.

looks like you better watch out for a 3Bulls! post about you, from the looks of that comment from pinko...

PP: don't hate the player, hate the overplayed songs.

PR: don't give him any ideas!!!

"And while even Björk could make a go of it for MTV"

Bjork's best work is pre Sugarcubes, as a jazz singer. 'gling-glo' being the primary example.

You talked me into giving arcade fire a shot.

"And while even Björk could make a go of it for MTV"

Bjork's best work is pre Sugarcubes, as a jazz singer. 'gling-glo' being the primary example.

You talked me into giving arcade fire a shot.

fcuk you blogger

I like Björk's work with Sugarcubes (though that's short of agreeing with your assertion), I was referring to her ingenuity in working around the constrictions placed on her by the MTV Unplugged format.

Oops. I misread your comment. Yes, Gling-glo is one of my top 20.

And furthermore, we owe her in large part for defeating that early-to-mid-90s notion that "real" music doesn't use electronica and sampling and unique instrumentation. Where would so many good bands today be without her trailblazing? Even if she wasn't the first one doing it, she was the first one making it take fire...

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