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Ore : 9:35 PM

Does anyone else have to work with kids in their job? I have a hard time with it -- I'm either entirely too lenient, or I come down too hard. And I have a much easier time socializing with adults.

What a pain. Oh well, at least the kids I work with are well behaved (I mean, what kind of kids do you think want to hang out at a library?)

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I do, but only in the context of a psychiatric hospital, so they're all cutting themselves or masturbating on the doctors.

Oh, that's delightful.

Funny enough, the kid to whom I turned a dour look and wagged my finger was doing that thing where he lifts his shirt and plays with his nipples in that mock erotic way prepubescent kids do when making fun of Rachel Hunter in a bikini.

I have to keep reminding myself that I, simply by virtue of being a 28-year-old man, cut a rather scary figure for 4th graders, and adjust my "admonishment mode" accordingly...

i work with tv producers
who are dumber and more immature than kids

Who probably *never* clean up their own messes or actually observe the time limits on the computer.

Okay, okay, I get it: my lot is pretty good considering.


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