The Imperious Wussy Shitstain In Action

Ore : 11:23 AM

As illustrated by a fightin' Irish journalist:

I was now beginning to feel shut out of this event. He had the floor and he wasn’t letting me dance. My blood was boiling to such a point that I felt like slapping him.
"We just want to say how disappointed we are in the way you conducted the interview," she said.

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Comments for The Imperious Wussy Shitstain In Action
What word do we have that will not be a massively derogative to women to illustrate what a complete cobag and complete coward the guy is. Wow, she really made him EAT IT COBAG!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!

Fuck yea, that was awesome.

Hence my use of "wussy" instead of that other word, which would have been an insult to decent vaginas everywhere.

It's easy to talk on and on and on when you're wearing an arpiece.

part of me will always wonder if she could have been quick enough to bridge that 6-foot gap and give him a good, hard smack, SS be damned...

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