ATTN Res Republica: Hot On The Trail!

Ore : 8:46 PM

Just keeping you apprised of progress in my relentless search for a picture of the famed slugger's elusive -- dare I say Nessie-esque? -- trouser snake:

That is so not a cup...

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Dammit teh I'm straight...I'm not supposed to laugh at shit like this!

Ok, I thought that dude with the ass-less pants was scratching his own ass, till my wife pointed out he wasn't that tan. *blush* OK you got me on that one teh. My wife is still laughing.

Hee-hee. Actually, that last post was very self-indulgent -- Res and I are on a mission.

What a pleasant sight first thing in the morning. Is that a gun in your pocket, or....

Too bad about his face, though, huh? His head looks like a moon pie. Oh well, that's what the light switch is for.

I swear it looks like the seam of a baseball is in there. wth?

Res: Really? I'd hit it...Not bad-looking, IMHO. But then I tend to go for the guys others don't look twice at...

(teh l4m3 -- at work, no password...)
  • Posted at 3:57 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

I didn't say I wouldn't hit it. I'd just do him with the lights off.

In all serious, he's not bad looking, i'm just not really into the whole honky goober thing. I'm enough honky goober for one relationship, damnit!

Honky goobers are hot.

He's like a huge misshapen pear, where did your standards go, res, plus he probably runs 235-240. You'd be like a squashed little raisin.

LOL @ "standards"

Um, 'scuse me Pinko, but not all of us get our rocks off to Suicide Girls or A & F models, thankyouverymuch...

Dude, if pear boy had a bag of Halloween candy, Three Bulls! might consider hitting it, I mean we'll do anythign for candy. And ribs.

Heee-eey, little boy, I've got a bag of Candy Corn right here in my lap. That's right, get into the van...

I heart candy so much. So very, very, very much. Sweet sweet caaaaaandy....

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