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Made you look.


All you need to know about Harriet Miers can be summed up in four words: corporate attorney from Texas. Miers is a "pioneer" in exactly nothing. She is a cover-your-ass artist period. Nothing more -- that's all corporate lawyers are. The Bush administration is chock-full of CYA artists. The least they could do (esp. with a prosecutor breathing down their necks and as the majority of the rest of the Republican leadership is a hair's breadth from the hoosegow), is show a modicum of respect to the legislative branch of government and forward someone -- anyone -- who has, I don't know, say, ANY experience on the bench.

But of course, we know exactly why they nominate warm bodies with little-to-no judicial experience: the answer to virtually every question during confirmation hearings is going to be along the lines of "it wouldn't be appropriate for me to answer that, as this is an issue that may come before me in the Supreme Court in the future." Effectively packing the courts with mystery meat. Until it's far too late, and the rest of the country realizes that what they've been served could have been scraped off of a Sinclair Lewis killing floor.


If you're someone who says or believes something like this (no matter your level of articulateness or dosage):

Although the loss of lives is deeply saddening, this act of God destroyed a wicked city...

Then you need to stop and think. You're essentially saying the god you worship has a taste for cash-poor pickaninnies stewed in toxic broth. Ignoring the obvious ugly savagery, and the fact that others have called you on this before, all I have to add is that this deity of yours sounds awfully fucking familiar.


P.S.: I'm hot on the trail. I've recently uncovered a rumor that Jim Thome's cock looks "like a baby's arm...just hanging there." I'll get that fucking picture yet.

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Ew. I did not need to know that about Thorne.

I agree with the mystery meat take. I imagine that this chick is going to be a Roberts in that she will be easy to buy and sell . . . unfortunately I see the Dems going balls-out crazy to get her take on abortion when they should really be trying to get info on her opinions on corporate, workers and environmental matters. Then they'd see exactly why she was appointed . . . Big Business has its butt boy (Roberts) and will soon have its crack ho (Miers).

Silly liberals, don't you know that you should be happy? This is as good as you can expect from Dear Leader!

I actually don't think that Bush et al, care one wit about the 'moral issues' of the day. They just see it as a means of obtaining and maintaining money and power. They walk the corporate-interest/ religious-wacko-interest tightrope with every decision they make. So far the Republican leadership has played the religious wackos for the rubes they are. Why? Because regardless of the results they keep on coming back for a kool aid refill; whereas, the corporate donors actually expect results.

I don't really understand why the Democrats don't exploit this fact more. I know that they can't do it explicitly but they could start a whisper campaign to splinter the wingnut coalition.

V: Exactamente.

And frankly, I'm getting tired of all this high-road hooey. It's high time we forge some photos of Roberts pimping his kids to a foggy bottom pedophile ring, stat. Let's roll this shit Rove-style, aight?

Oh, and it's Jim Thome, of the Cleveland Indians. If you come across anything, I'd be much obliged.

Gregor: The biggest problem with Democrats taking on the corporatocracy issue is that they themselves are so compromised. Not nearly to the same degree or as shamelessly, but enough so.

But you're right: corporate attorney should be a red flag for anyone but the most depraved Randian fruit loop.

I'm not suggesting that the Dem's attack the Rep's corporate interests but rather that they indirectly attack the Rep's inability to get anything done on the morality front.

For example why haven't the Republicans effectively addressed 'partial birth abortion?' How many times have they passed a bill addressing this only to have the courts overrule it because the mother's health wasn't considered? How dumb is congress that they can't figure this out?

The real answer is that Republican leadership doesn't care about abortion except to the extent that it allows them to win elections. It is in the Republican Party's best interest not to address these problems because they are election gold and the longer they are in play the better. As a bonus the Rep's get to blame activist judges, which affords them even more opportunity to appoint corporate stooges to the bench.

It's quite obvious to me that the Rep leadership is being completely disingenuous with their base. This is the message that needs to get out. Whisper these little tidbits to the wingnuts via a Karl Rove pushpoll/whispering campaign smear and it might just splinter their coalition. On the flipside if the Rep's cater too much to the Wackos it may splinter off the Snowe/Chafee/Jeffords Republicans.

I'd like to see a fringe party start up on the right centered on the Roy Moore (now running for Gov of Al) type conservative movement. If this becomes viable (anything above 3% in an election) it would spell the end for the Republicans.

Oh and dirty picture or two would definitely help!!!

I don't know if that made any sense but thanks for letting me get it off of my chest!

A big baby's arm, or a little tiny baby.

Greg -- anytime, Neko-inscribed beefcake.

PP -- wishful thinking leads me to conclude a big baby's arm. If it's that of a premie, we'll all be disappointed, won't we?

Gregor- you might want to worry less about getting stuff off your chest and start thinking about how to get that apple unstuck from your back!

(obscure lit reference. sorry)

Any cock pix yet?

I'm working on it, I'm working on it!

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