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Reason #435 for my feelings of utter alienation from "the other side" would be their emotional illiteracy and moral incompetence. There's the vicious hostility to and bafflement in the face of satire. Their possibly puroseful elision of the distinctions between justice and vengeance. Even their inability to adequately wield sarcasm.

Now there's this, resulting in possibly the least effective anti-drug campaign since the early ouvre of Sonny Bono.

If your kids accuse you of hypocrisy when you tell them not to toke because they know you did it in high school or college or whatever, you need to hit them -- with a fucking WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY. Read carefully, minions: hypocrisy is when you smoke a bowl while doing a hotrail every Friday after work, while telling your kids to keep their noses clean and moralizing to no end. If you're no longer doing it, it's not hypocrisy to tell your kids they shouldn't -- its teaching them to learn from your mistakes.

But you'd expect such a tin-eared public service plea from a government controlled by the current extremely sociopathic and out-of-touch batch of Republicans...


The Queerest Crustacean: As a liberal, it's with deep chagrin (yet with just as deep a sense of familiarity) that I must call bullshit on that Ammiano flameout with Rob Corddry's (son? brother? wtf?) yesterday on TDS. Unless it was just moment of hammy queeniness for the cameras (knowing Tom, that's unlikely). But I console myself that I'm no traitor to my leftist brethren: Ms. Wong, in addition to being a sweet and thoughtful (if not exactly mirthful) advocate for the concerns of the Navy and its men, is obviously just as much a lib as I am -- if not more. This wasn't, however some might want to spin it, an issue of lib vs. conservative, or even lib vs. pro-business, echoes-of-Tammany-Hall type S.F. Democrat. Just an unfortunate and tacky disagreement.


Project: My brother, in L.A., is in desperate need of a new car. Just so happens that I'm in possession of a hot, silver, 1988 Chevrolet Sprint. I hear there coming back -- almost vintage. The problem? Faulty oil seal-thingie. I don't know much about cars, but I'm sure it's something easily fixed if I can get the engine out. The other problem? The engine and the transmission are part of a single unit. If it was just the engine, no prob, my dad and I could lift it out together. But now it seems we need a garage with a crane and all that jazz. Which means paying out the nose. Unless one of you, the more greasemonkeyish of my pretties, can come up with a better option...

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On TDS, I thought that was sort of the point. I thought it was a "see, we make fun of dumb politicians and not just conservatives" moment. You know they can't ever actually agree with the people they agree with so he made fun of her awhile giving the crazies enough rope to hang themselves.

Too true. It's just that I have to cringe every time I see Tom Ammiano...And I feel bad about it. Much the same way wingnuts must feel when they see/hear Les Kingsolver in the WH press corps.

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