Happy unBirthday, Res!

Ore : 6:43 PM

From a husky honky goober.

Hot stuff, comin' through!

Ehhhhhh, batta, batta, battah!

Swing that pipe!

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Comments for Happy unBirthday, Res!
Sweet Dongle Jeesus Who Art Leashed in Jockeys.

Did God have a contract with Halliburton when he made that?

I am constantly degraded by my cat, my computer, and my blog. Okay, not constantly, but right now. Grrr.

PP: Oddly enough, in order to pray to Dongle Jeesus, one must be on one's knees...

Res: So when is it my turn to degrade you?

With Thome, you might need a high chair. He's a tall dude, and that thing better not be swinging after you pray to Dongle Jesus, cuz that might mean someones on a different team.
  • Posted at 11:26 PM | By Anonymous Capt. Trollypants

Trolls! Arrrrr!!!

Nice pictures. I don't really care for baseball, but some of those boys are hot!

Ha, ha. It's ok: this ain't exactly a baseball thread...

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