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MOVIE MASH-UP OF THE DAY: The Dakota Fanning Incident.

BAND OF THE DAY: Figurine.

PORNO TITLE OF THE DAY: Splendor In The Ass. (Jess: Sorry! I couldn't resist!. Anyway, hat tip to RuPaul for this Golden Oldie.)

FOOD OF THE DAY: Brach's Candy Corn (made with real honey!)


CLEANING PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. These come in a big round green and white container, and have surprisingly good scrubbing ability (I disagree with the linked review). Also, the smell is pleasant: lightly reminiscent of roses and bubblegum, imho.

HOTTIE OF THE DAY: Brad Delson. To be honest, I'd keep this secret if I ever hit it: The only thing more embarassing than sleeping with a member of Linkin Park is sleeping with someone who listens to Linkin Park.

WINGNUT QUOTE OF THE DAY: "In an episode of the West Wing, which is shown on NBC and often wins the ratings game within it’s demographic, the character of President Bartlet, who is played by liberal actor Martin Sheen, lashed out against what he saw as selective following of biblical admonition, where people condemn adultery, but still touch pigskin. Also, there has been an increased amount of both rhetoric and violence in the middle east, between Israel and Palestine, with both sides compromised of people who don’t eat pork.

"So, the first part of my two-part question is: does the president eat bacon?" - The ever lovable, ever redolent-of-dried-old-man-urine Les.

WORKESQUE ACTIVITY OF THE DAY: Planting daffodil bulbs (the gophers hate me).

UNWORKESQUE ACTIVITY OF THE DAY: Donning my dolphin trunks, loading up the inner tube, and drinking a 40 oz or two of King Cobra at the lake, on one of the few remaining warmish days of the year.

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