Before Diamonds And Pearls

Ore : 6:45 PM

There was Apollonia.

I'm lazy today, as you can tell. I've got a bitch of a day tomorrow.

Here's an activity kids: want to stalk each other on Friendster and/or MySpace? Leave a link in the comments or email me.

OK. The real reason for the lackluster posting? I have apile of pork ribs (damn good -- nay, succulent -- pork ribs), therefore can communicate with only one hand. Ah well...

And remember, Apollonia watches over all her chillun. G'night.

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Comments for Before Diamonds And Pearls
I expect those ribs to be discussed in pornographic detail tomorrow.

Where, style of rub, style of sauce, better than screwing who? and be honest

pork chop sandwiches

They were broad, full of fat, yet the meat on them was not too fatty. They had been poorly butchered, but from a high-quality carcass. Lovingly, I massaged my secret sauce into their supple flesh, and slowly placed the rack on the grill...

You can get the rest for 3.99/minute, first minute free!

Ribs...sweet, sweet ribs! I would totally be somebody's bitch for ribs.

i just saw "purple rain" again whilst on me honeymoon, after many years. i can say without hesitation that i feel utterly pubescent when i see appalonia purify herself in the waters of lake minnetonka...only for it not to be lake minnetonka! that wacky prince - he knows all the tricks!

I'd pay for the rest... YU--UM.

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