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Princess Sparklepony

Sparky Malarky
Sparky McBarksalot


Sparkle Motion

Dark Sparkle

My favorite little shitburglar.

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Comments for Sparky
looks like i'm not the only one that calls the ol best pal crazynames

smokedog poopypants
smokedogger poopsalot
poopdog smokeypants

you get the idea

odd looking cat

That's one adorable pup, and I can relate to the many nicknames. We have three dogs and each one has lots of nicknames.

Her other nickname (just reminded of it this morning): Harriet Houdini. For obvious reasons...Little monster...

what is it about animals that make you start acting like a grandparent around kids in diapers? i've got a cat called isabella that responds to about 10 nicknames, which i inevitably call out in degrees of baby talk varying from subtle to over the top.

I like this petit chien.

This is nice dog. nice doggy. fetch marijuana for daddy. you get scooby snack.

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