LittleSadNoBalls: Zombie Revenge!

Ore : 9:32 PM

Seb and Gavin and Brad and associated assorted cnuts have been out of their gourds trying to find new signage for their bloggage. So I thought, why not put my battle-hardened MSPaint skills to the ultimate challenge?

I gave it a shot:

And yet another lackadaisical shot:

And I misfired:

But I think I might just be on to something here:

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Comments for LittleSadNoBalls: Zombie Revenge!
miss sadly, if yer nasty.

Vanity was always nasty.

i would make one with blacula

does anyone remember that special on vanity years ago where she had been born again again and was crying when talking about her sinner past with prince? all kinds of shots of her singing in her new church. i officially switched my allegiance to the mary jane girls at that point.

FR: Blackula -- yessss!

PR: Exactly. And she changed her name. So, like, Vanity's myth, or fable, or legend or somesuch, 'cuz she doesn't exist anymore -- way cooler than Jenny "Diamonds And Pearls" Calendar.

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