The Eggman Cometh

Ore : 1:38 PM

ROCKY - (In a low voice out of the side of his mouth) Make it fast. (MISS EDIE sloppily pours a drink and gulps it down. Rocky takes the bottle and puts it on the table where Babs Johnson is) Don't want de Boss to get wise when he's got one of his tightwad buns on. (He chuckles with an amused glance at CRACKERS) Jees, ain't de old bastard a riot when he starts dat bull about turnin' over a new leaf? "Not a damned drink on de house," he tells me, "and all dese bums got to pay up deir room rent. Beginnin' tomorrow," he says. Jees, yuh'd tink he meant it! (Sits down in the chair at EDIE's left.)

(MISS EDIE, grinning maniacally, and minus some teeth) I'll be glad to pay up tomorrow -- in EGGS!!! (She turns to BABS and declaims loudly) Look, Babs. So many little eggies, and I'm still starving, and I'm going to eat them all before I go to sleepie.

(BABS silently slides ROCKY a saucer of runny dog-poo).

(Backhanded, ultimately meaningless apologies to Eugene O'Neill)

P.S. It's Sunday! Get yo heathen monkey asses to church, c0b4gz!!1!

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Comments for The Eggman Cometh
I Love Edith Massey!

Anybody who gives propers to the Egg Lady gets propers from me!

w00t. Truth be told, many people would pay good money *not* to see this performed.

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