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Ore : 6:43 PM

Quick shout-out to the more bizarre and eeeevil among my bent brethren...

OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD have you seen the cover for the new Madge? Bitch is fierce! Take that Kylie! And, um, ex-kee-yuze me, but, Hedwig who???

"I hear the moustache is making a comeback. Oh, and so is AIDS." - Heckles.

"La Da Dee La Da Da." HAHAHAHA! I'm so funny, because I made an ironical Crystal Waters reference. Homeless people are tacky!

"And then I said to Tom I said 'Bitch, drop the poppers,' and then she tripped and I was all like 'Ooh, damn, TRANNY DOWN, PEOPLE, TRANNY DOWN!!!"

FYI, Mary, I wouldn't *have* a problem with black people if they could all act just a *little* more like the Huxtables...

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Comments for Gay Glamour-Shots Blogging!
I'm going to treat this as an open thread and give you Mad Props for your little pseudo-anonymous comments left across the interwebs. I read this one and I knew it was teh l4me before I even checked the poster's website.

"When I was a little girl I saw something nasty in the wood-shed."

I was surprised that you left alone Brad's comments about his Ass.

The word "nasty" will for me always be married to Cold Comfort Farm.

As for Brad's Ass, please: I could have said something, but then you wouldn't know exactly who among all the sailors stationed in the Pacific had said it...

Let me second those mad props...your little comments are a major highlight of my otherwise bleak and meaningless existence. I want to have your babies.

Just kidding! As far as you know!

Oohh, and could I loath Sully any more than I already do? I doubt it, although that closeup deep-focus shot of his rim-seat, I mean goatee, might get me there.

"Rim seat"??? Ha, ha, ha! Hilarious!

Does this mean AnntiChrist S. Coulter and I should someday have a throw down at World O' Crap?

If I'm right about this - and I'd like to think I am - the grinning geek in the t-shirt is Guiliana DePandi before she goes into hair'n'make-up.

Hahahaha! No, it is indeed Bevan "Don't Tell My Boyfriend I'm At The Eagle" Dufty.

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