You're Invitificated to an Ongoing Par-tay

Ore : 10:44 PM

The Sweetest Thing

Thanks Guys!!! (More Tomorrow!)

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Comments for You're Invitificated to an Ongoing Par-tay
all my suspicions confirmed

'bout goddamn time. bitch.

I guess she likes them bug, real big. Big and stupid!

strawberry sizequeen.

chuckles: 'cuz she's a (strawberry) blonde (yeah, yeah, yeah)?

pr: Girl gotz ta get hella cream 4 her shortcake, yo.

I don't get it.

[exasperated] Hello-oh! Julie Brown? "Cuz I'm A Blonde"???

Oh, shit. My bad. I think I just pissed away all my sarcasm cred.

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