Hey, Get Off My Lawn You Little Fuckers!

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"What are you LOOKING AT?!?!?"

All right folks. I've been shirking blogging for work. So if I may, let me direct you to worthier reads on the superinfointerhighwaycyberwebs:

Norbizness catches Bobo (gasp!) lying, so he does what Norby does best: grabs by the nads and twiiiists: "Let's see... anemic job growth (swapping manufacturing for temp jobs), more people in poverty, more people without health insurance, no significant gains in educational testing from the draconian No Child Left Behind act, money-draining war without foreseeable end in Iraq (and possibly beyond), all for the mere price tag of another $2 trillion in national debt. It's not conservative. It's not socialist. It's not anarcho-syndicalism, whatever that is. It's a gigantic fucking feeding frenzy for the top 1% while the long-term finances and economic trends for the country hit the shitter with a corresponding, appreciable decline in our standard of living."

The gorgeous Joshua gets a new look, and waxes melancholically poetic in the inner Richmond.

The Clown Prince takes us to bitter and scabrous new emotional lows: "Your best friend, Ed, is up in the front pew next to your confused-as-shit kids and your grief-stricken parents. There he is with his face buried in his hands convulsing with sobs. And here I am, seven rows back, wondering what the fuck I should do. How I should act. We were close but not that close. Drinking buddies. Clubbing buddies. Acquaintances, at best... but never friends. There's a distinct difference. Yet here I am because Ed and your parents requested I be here. Because you came to me before "it" happened seeking advice, looking for comfort, looking for an answer, and I didn't even know it. None of us did. You had it all man. Good looks. Charisma. A nice ride. Cute kids. Of course we weren't there that night last Christmas in Wisconsin when you came home from work early and found your wife butt-ass naked fucking some other dude in YOUR bed."

The exhilirating, toxic desert beckons; does Mother California take as much life as she gives? Chris may have the answer...

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PP is throwing you a part-ay, where are you?

Hey uh, some dude are talking TRASH about yas on the INTERNET. FYI

Congratulations on your party and your le wagon de pimp! Hot diggity!

Teh, there's a big ol' slobbery mash note for you at 3Bulls! Don't pick now to turn shy on us!

Teh, F.M. Asshat wanted me to tell you that it's Thome gone wild at 3Bulls! Personally, I wouldn't trust Asshat as far as I could throw him but it might be worth a look see!

I hope your working on one of those sadistic satire posts...I need a good laugh.

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