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The government will back down from a plan to require long-term studies of new psychiatric drugs before allowing them on the market, regulators said yesterday...While such studies are needed, the experts said, delaying decisions on new medications would hurt patients.

A variant on the pretext, "Think of the children!" You know, because large corporations and their handpicked regulators under the Bush administration care about nothing so much as the little guy.

UPDATE: Dex has some interesting insights here and here. Guess I should have stocked my Halloween basket with Soma...

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You can't hurt the dead.

Unless they are the zombie hordes that result from the next super-cialis zoloft wonder drug that goes to market without adequate testing. Those dead we must hurt.

For the sake of National Security.

that chick is SMOKIN' HOT.

and the most manly man ever was buddy lavelle.


Chuckles, not everyone who takes psychiatric medications is "dead". Some of us are alive because of said pills, no matter how ambivalent we may feel about them and about the whole industry.

I've given this issue a lot of thought. I always read the prescribing info insert that comes with one's pillz (you know, that 47"x63" sheet of paper printed in .0004 point font and folded into a one-inch square?), and have noticed that very few of these medications have been studied for more than a year or so in humans. And that's probably fine for many cases, since most depression is temporary and treated on a temporary basis. But some of us have chronic conditions requiring long-term treatment. I've been taking an SSRI antidepressant for five years now. It works really well for me, but I often wonder if there won't someday be special nursing homes for all the psychotic, liver-becancered old folks who took SSRIs for 40 years.

was i a bettin' man, i'd bet the backing down is not so much backing down as "our plan all along." if i may toot my flute, here and here.

pr: Killer Fact: I used to have a big crush on Scott.

I was merely trying to say that the current administration's, and others, position that regulation hurts a free market economy is bunk. Regulation is frequently the only way to prevent those without from being raped by those with. In this case, unregulated, untested drugs will not be helping anybody. Especially if there is no independent, unbiased government agency to report the foul play to.

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